2nd 5* red: Elena, Anzogh, khagan, or if I'm very lucky Zimkitha

As the title suggests, I’m planning to pull(as many as 30) for zimkitha this Atlantis. But given that very slim odds of getting her. Who should be my next 5* red once Grazul(4/69) is maxed.

Elena(my very 1st 5*) is at 3/70, Anzogh is 3/32, khagan @1/1 and also Azlar 1/1.

Decisions decisions.

Well don’t you have the quite the slow collection of red heroes! Just need santa to round that out. Lol.

I maxed Elena for my red titan team. And have been pleased with the results. Azlar is a pain IF he goes off and would be deadly in the fast raidT. Khagan won’t get my rings… I can get the same Dbuff from wilbur for half the price.

Zim over all of them though. Fingers crossed for you!

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I am interested in this as well since I just got rings from mt umber for another red and right now its Elena or khagan. My other red 5 is Mitsuko and I have gormek, bt, kelile, Scarlett all max. I have 2 colen at 1.1 and dupes of the others as well. I was leaning toward khagan before I got mitsuko and still think he might be better. If I don’t get a red 5* from Atlantis one is going up. Same with green if I don’t pull Kingston then kadilen is getting the tonics since I have lianna max.

I got Kingston during pirates, but no pirates other than boomer and vodnik. Kingston is at 3/43 and will make his war debut soon.

Personally, I’d probably take Mitsuko up. She eliminates(or makes problematic) a blue stack against her

I already have Mits. I got her literally the weekend I had finally decided to give Khagan the rings. I leveled her and have been in diamond ever since. I love seeing Isarnia or another blue on the wing. More powerful the better. Occasionally I run across a mono blue that someone must have left as a titan attack and forgot to swap defense tag. That is FUN.

But my issue now is Khagan or Elena again. I have the rings now with Mt Umber giving me the last one. Elena would really boost Titan scores but I think Khagan is better all around and can work as a tank if needed. Not that I run him as one but maybe in a raid tourney. He is much better after the v20 buff with hit all 3 instead of one plus minor to nearby.

Elena hits hard with tiles but I already have Gormek, BT, Scarlett, Kelile and Wu who I use on a titan team. She would help with her tiles and the counter but Khagan hits pretty hard and he adds mana as well.

I have a few 4* that have the 2% mana boost like Melendor, Kiril and rigard. I have a L11 green troop that gives 9% mana too. I have L10 in the other colors and am taking them to 11 shortly. That gives an extra 11%. It lowers tiles from 10 to 9 for them. If I run Khagan (or Buchan or any 24% booster) I can actually get them down to 8 tiles. It is a small bonus but may save you in a tight spot. I never considered that 24% boost super helpful but now with the emblems and troops being able to contribute it starts to matter a bit.

Zim > Anzogh > Elena > Khagan

I was extremely lucky. Got her on my 1 coin pull after i did a 30 and got Kingston #3 and Joon#2.