Over run with red

well it seems like i have more reds than any other color, currently have boldtusk maxed with emblems, namahage maxed, azar maxed and wilber close to being maxed. i have gravemaker at 3/60 but i dont have mats as of now. well today i pulled a scarlett and a azlar and a guardian falcon. so i guess my question is after wilbur who should be next to work on. forgot to mention i have kelile and sumitomo, colen and gormek . ■■■■ what a mess

How did you pull falcon today?


Hmmm… you don’t say… please, do tell us more… I’d like to pull Falcon from Avalon, too! Just teasing :wink: You probably mean Lancelot.

G. Falcon makes all of your reds hits harder and he is very useful on titans and events.
When you’ll have the rings go with Gravemaker.

yes lancelot , i already had falcon my apoligies, was looking at my heroes while typing


sorry about that ,i meant lancelot i already had falcon

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Actually I kind of have the same problem. Lots and lots of reds. Only it’s not a problem really. I love my red heroes, Boldtusk Elena and Azlar make a killer trio. Of course, GraveMaker is one of the top heroes in the game, and Falcon is extremely useful when it comes to green titans.

yeah i just need to get my squad leveled up , seems like it takes forever, and i used my hidden blades on bold and wilbur before i got gravemaker, but i think grave and wilbur are 2 badass heroes, do you use the line app i would love to show you my team and see if you could offer me any help at all

Careful about Wilbur… He sure can be a life saver, but also a grave digger for his own team. Using him right requires lots of practice… I’ve lost fights that were already “in my pocket” because Wonderful Feast kept a healer on the opposing team alive against all odds…

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