Captain of Diamonds. Is he worth a spot in my hero stable

So my buddy Cap has been sitting in my hero stable for months and months now as I think about his use on my attacking teams. After talking to many alliance members and friends they all seem to think he is a waste of space and I have found little or no information on him here.

Is he?

I understand he is a situational play but with Kingston’s special I think we all will be seeing more minion throwing hero’s on defensive teams like Inari, Seshat and Santa being used. With Cap’s special if you can time it right after Santa drops his bundle he will hit the other team up to six times with his full special as well as clear out those pesky rodents.

Anyway I have decided to max him out fur the fun of it at least and would like to hear any comments an the topic particularly if you have him maxed.

My 5* blues - Magni, Frida, (Isarnia 3.70)

My 4* blues are Grimm, Boril, Sonya, Kiril, Triton, and Capt of Diamonds.

For my blue stack offensive team I usually bring Magni, Frida, Kiril, Grimm, and Isarnia (or Triton). However, Capt of Diamonds is sort of the 6th man, if I am going up against any minion heros (Delilah, Santa, Buddy, etc). I swap him in. Gives me the flexibility to counter those specials and makes him very useful. Without the potential for minions on the board he isn’t great.

He wasn’t a priority for me to level, but i am glad i did. Especially, as we get closer to the Christmas event.

Good Luck!


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