Help Me Build a Diamond Team please

Hey Guys,
Help me Build 2 things:

  1. A defense team with what I got (some easy leveling allowed )
  2. A diamond team with fully maxed heroes.
    Can’t wait to see what you guys think. Here’s what I got.
    5 Star:
    Drake Fong 4/80
    Alby 3/70
    Kage 3/70
    Ariel 3/70
    Queen of Heart 3/70
    Guin 3/70
    Seshat 3/70
    Misandra 3/70
    Magni 3/70
    tarlak 3/70
    4 Star:
    Melendor 4/80
    Wilbur 4/80
    Hansel 3/70
    Wu kong 3/70
    Chao 3/70
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Alby - kage - Guin - sesh - Ariel

For your final team.

Also, I’ve moved your thread to Gameplay Help :slightly_smiling_face:


Well you are SET in the 5* department!!! And boy are you SET.
I’d highly suggest leveling some of your 4* while waiting on AM to finish your 5*
I’m sure you’ll get all the help you could possibly need. Well wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic summoning luck, I’ll let the SMRT people take over from here :wink:

Good Luck @Diamondbus!!

****** also pardon any late comments, the most recent IOS update has my phone lagging on updating something terrible. I apologize.
Jonah is one of those SMRT people I mentioned above.

Alby - Kage - Drake - QoH - Seshat

Alby - Kage - Guin - QoH - Seshat

@LucasDaoc no healers?

Guin is a healer…

Alby is a healer…

Pure healers don’t work really well in defense anymore, the meta is too fast now.

@LucasDaoc Thanks. You wouldn’t had a blue? What about Drake? Don’t use him even if he is my strongest héroe?

If you’re going to have a double color in the defense, make it opposite the tank.

Drake is a great flank, one of the best, but your strongest tank is Guin, so I wouldn’t match the tank color on the flank.

If you want to add a blue on defense, Misandra in place of Seshat.

Just one guy’s opinion

Good point! Then I’d hold on Seshat, and blue you can use Misandra or Ariel. Ariel will work fine at 3/70, Misandra shines at max.

What exactly do you mean by “a diamond team”? Are you still talking defense, or something else?

@Ian487 what is my best team or if all the Heroes above?" Including the one ls that are not leveled.

You have to let go of the idea of “best team”. Except for defense team there is no “best team”. In all other other situations your attack team should be shaped after carefully considering your target. You can’t use the same heroes for different targets and hope for good results. By example, you’ll deal great damage against a purple titan by using a team composed of yellow heroes, while, using the same team, no matter how good and strong those yellow heroes are, they’ll barely scratch a yellow titan. Same goes for raids and anything else.

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I’m not going to lie Ian i do some of the above it’s always worked for me so i continue to do so. I’m not saying I’m right or wrong everyone plays differently. But yes of course your advice is shared by the majority I’m not knocking it. I spent ages building 6 set rainbow teams for war, I have them all above 3100 my defence team is 3964 and come to war i use each team per fight regardless who the opponent and generally win, average score around let’s say 600 per war it’s not bad. Titans, although I own both Ranvir and Miki I can’t seem to drop Wu, he performs so well. Even against yellow titan he goes strong with his special, the other 2 just don’t seem to do the same damage. I’ve hit over 50k with him on board against yellows. When I’ve tried running all oppo colour teams I just get awful boards lol. I’m running Rigard Leo Isarnia Elena and Alby but when raiding always swap Elena for Wu to have 2 yellows, my trophie count atm is 2400 plus and the other day I got in top 1k in the UK, i never change my team. Soon it will be Elena Sartana Magni Alby and Vivica but Wu will still play a part in raids and Titans. Like i said I’m not arguing your point it’s very valid, I just felt a hypocrite reading it and nodding lol. My way is daft but it just works for me. It could of course all change though, that’s the beauty of the game. I know I’m gonna get laughed at here, just being honest.

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Nobody should laugh, and even if anyone did, it shouldn’t bother you. It’s your way. If it works, why change it? Everyone plays different, we’re all here to share our experience with those who need it.