I got the blues - advice on next warm capes recipient

Ascension advice please. I have four more capes to spend, but only one telescope, so probably looking to max another four star. There are some fives in the mix to take up to 3/70

I already have
Lepus close to max
Aegir 3/70
Frida 3/70
Grimm max plus emblems
Triton max plus emblems
Kiril Max
Sonya max
Boril close to max (but doesn’t see much use)

I can choose from any of the following for the capes

Frida 2

Triton 2
Grimm 2
Sonya 2
Kiril 2
Boril 2
Captain of Diamonds

I generally prefer hitters, so probably not Boril or Kiril.

Kinda tempted by Valeria since her buff

Questions are:

  1. Who would you choose?
  2. If you have maxed Valeria, is she worth it?

Thanks everyone

I’d actually be inclined for a second Kiril, personally, to make use of him for War.

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Imo Richard would be a good use of capes. He gives me issues in raids and is a good weapon in wars from what I’ve seen. If i had him in my roster, I’d defintely ascend him quick.

Good luck!

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