Anyone have any advice for a blue dilema

For the life of me I just can’t seem to pull a good blue hero. Well not in a while. 15 Scopes waiting for ANY 5* if they ever show lol. I do have Sonya and Grimm fully leveled. My other colors go 5-6 deep though and feel I really just need to level another blue. 14 capes doing nothin but gathering dust. Im leaning towards a 2nd Sonya or Grimm, but I do have a couple other options. I’m just curious to see if someone has any opposing points that could be helpfull. So my choices are…

A 2nd Sonya. She is already at 3/60 and I have Caedmonat 3/60.
A 2nd Grimm. He’s 3/60 and I have a 3rd. Plus 2 Tibs and Gormek.
Boril. Have Cyprian at 4/70 and 3/60. I like him in certain situations, but do I really need Boril who is nearly the same.
Agwe. Am I missing something here? He seems pretty limited. I have other AoE options at level 70. Quintus, Li Xiu, and Colen.

My aim is to improve my red titan attack team and improve war depth. I do about 20 summons a month and have 2 TC20s 24/7 and have for months. Just no great luck on blue heros.

Any thoughts?


I had same issue, my only blues were 3 x Sonya.
In your case I would:

  • forget about Agwe and Boril - they are not worth the mats
  • Grimm - you have other options, and even if he’s really good I don’t think you need another debuffer of the same kind
  • I would ascend 2nd Sonya - she is a fast hitter with dispel, I really like mine Sonya in raids and I think another hitter/dispeller will always be useful in wars

But that’s just my opinion, I’m not that experienced so I might be wrong :wink:

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Have you got one or more TC20 running?

Without knowing what else you have and if the choice is to go with 2 x Grimm or a Grimm + a Sony for red titan I would go with 2 x Grimm. Sonya doesn’t bring much to a titan fight. Grimm has high tile damage. When they both are ready to fire specials just fire the one and the second is ready as soon as your first debuff runs out.

For war depth I would also prefer Grimm over Sonya.

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Are you doing blue elemental summons or just regular summons? If you’re short blues, the elemental summons is your best bet to add some depth


Hey! As a regular participant of the events, I’d do a second Grimm for sure. :wink:


Boril - very useful during special events (100% damage reflection which is much more than from tiles or special skills) and against strong enemies
Second Grimm - very useful (strong tiles and defense reduction)

Boril + 2 x Grimm = Gravemaker disappears quickly

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Pretty much event summons and now recently Altantis summons only. I was thinking about doing an elemental summons. Then I see an upcoming blue 4* in the Halloween event Id love as a consolation prize if I dont get a 5*…so ya lol.

Atleast it seems everyone thinks go with one of the duplicate heros. So we all are on the same page. Leaning Grimm for the increased titan effectiveness.

Gonna give till tmrw till my 2 TC20s pop out a couple of heros…I would be so thrilled with the elusive Kiril at this point! Then make my decision.

Oh on a side note I heard I may be getting a gift card at the end of my birthday to be used in this game :smiley: I’m thinking at that point Ill have some extra gems and try a blue 10pk if Im still without a blue 5*.

Big thanks to everyone for the input so far!

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Boril would be good against Gravemaker in that setup for sure. Though I rarely have issues with him, I have Hansel and at this point I bring him with me everywhere, love his special. This decision doesnt affect my main raid or defense team. Its more about titan damage (where id love a 3rd blue) and war bench depth. I do really like the repost skill. Just the question is do I want to add a 2nd with that skill since I have Cyprian advanced. So at least we all agree just say no to Agwe lol!

I would go with second Grimm. He is vey useful in wars and his tile damage is better than Sonya. There were many players using two Grimms last time, when the redhood event was there. So using two Grimms in titan gives you more damage than using two Sonya and only rare titan needs debuffing.

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I’m building Grimm#3 for events. I know others who have 4 Grimm’s. He’s that good.

The only reason I can think of to build Boril is if your alliance (a) coordinates tank colors for wars and (b) sometimes asks for a blue tank. Boril saved my a** a few times early on in challenge evenst, back when I struggled even to make it thought Epic. If completing events isn’t an issue for you, then better event teams are as offense-focused as possible.

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Exactly Kerridoc, I often think of new heroes like “how good they are for events?”, then I make my mind. It’s quite a big part of my decision-making. If we don’t count Kiril, there is Triton right now who is worth leveling, but in general probably it’s still Grimm the best choice.

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So I made a decision while not commiting lol. I choose Grimm but I have 3 Grimms. 4/70 3/60 and 1/1. Im going to level the 1/1 guy. Give me a little more time to see if I get something better and if not having 2 fully leveled and a 3/60 isn’t a bad thing for events and war bench versatility :slight_smile:

Which means Im currently leveling 5 x 4*s all from 1/1 to 4/70 at the same time. Grimm, Wilbur, Proteus, Gaderious and Danzaburo. Pretty sure I’ve never had that happening at the same time before where I have all mats in place for full ascension. When this round is done Ill have 21 heros at level 70 with 3 at 80. Getting ever so close to my goal off 30 at level 70 or greater!

Thanks for everyone for the input. And if my TC20 pops a Magni right after I do my final ascension on Grimm Ill update this thread lol.


Days after I fully ascended that 3rd grimm…who did I get? Triton…eh at least its something different! And he look pretty solid. I was given a gift card I used on this game since my last post so probably had close to 60 summons plus a TC20 everyday and that’s the best I could do for my blue squadron. I did get Domitia though, she seems like she’ll help in my anti guinevere endeavors :smile:

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