Scopes to Aegir, Isarnia, or wait?

Hi all,

Now that I have 5 Scopes, I would like to start getting insights on this. I saw one another thread with exactly the same question, but of course tailored to the poster’s situation. So here is mine:

Should I max either Aegir or Isarnia (both at 3.70)? (another option is of course to wait). Priorities: War/Raids (both offense), Titans (I ascended Lepus over Aegir a few months ago to improve my War/Raid offense). I’m already done with Season 2 hard, and I am able to complete all Class Quests.

Current 4* and 5* Blues (other than Aegir and Isarnia both 3/70):

  • Lepus +4
  • Kiril +7
  • Grimm +12
  • Triton +6
  • Sonya +14
  • Valeria 3/17 (current project)
  • Boril 3/60
  • Agwe 3/44 (yeah I know, but I had no other Blue projects at the moment…)
  • Duplicates of Sonya, Grimm and Valeria all at 1/1

Priorities : Titans, War, Raid offense.


My alliance is small and we’re only up to 4* Titans.

I currently mono Blue for Red Titans: Grimm for defense debuff, Kiril for attack buff, and Lepus/Triton/Sonya as my remaining 3 Blues with highest attack stats. My Sonya +12 has a 685 attack, higher than Aegir’s 615 attack when maxed. And Kiril provides enough healing for the Titans I’m fighting, so Aegir won’t make my Titan mono squad. But Isarnia’s 797 attack will bump Sonya off for sure.

Raids / Wars:

I usually run 3/2 on raids/wars. My 2 are Lepus and Kiril. My 3rd differs: Sonya if I need a dispeller, Triton if I really need another sniper. But usually my 3rd is Grimm for the handy defense-down. But, Grimm is so darned frail at 567 defense /1204 health, and I can’t help but feel Isarnia will end up more useful than Grimm even with her lower mana speed.

My full 4* / 5* roster:

  1. Purple:
  • Seshat +3
  • Proteus +18
  • 2nd Proteus +3
  • Sabina +18
  • Aeron 4/50 (current project)
  • Domitia 3/70
  • Sartana 2/8
  • Cyprian 3/60
  • 2nd Sabina 1/23
  • 3rd Sabina 1/1
  1. Yellow
  • Inari +2
  • Li Xiu +15
  • Chao +3
  • Rana 3/70
  • Leonidas 1/27 (current project, at least to 3/70)
  • 2nd Chao 1/1
  1. Green
  • Margaret +1
  • Skittleskull +3
  • Jack O’Hare +9
  • Melendor +7
  • Gadeirus +1
  • Gregorion 3/70
  • Kadilen 2/5 (current project, at least to 3/70)
  • Kashhrek 3/60
  • Gobbler 1/1
  1. Red
  • Sir Lancelot +14
  • Gormek +9
  • Boldtusk +7
  • Scarlett +9
  • 2nd Boldtusk +1
  • Colen +2
  • Kelile 3/39 (current project)
  • 2nd Gormek 3/60
  • 3rd Boldtusk 1/1
  1. Blue
  • Aegir 3/70
  • Isarnia 3/70
  • Lepus +4
  • Kiril +7
  • Grimm +12
  • Triton +6
  • Sonya +14
  • Valeria 3/17 (current project)
  • Boril 3/60
  • Agwe 3/44 (yeah I know, but I had no other Blue projects at the moment…)
  • Duplicates of Sonya, Grimm and Valeria all at 1/1

thanks in advance :smile:

I know you said your priority is attack, but may I ask who you are using as tank in your raid defence? I don’t see an obvious one there, and Aegir makes a very good tank.

thanks for asking. My current raid defense is

Jack O’Hare

not the best, but manages to keep me in high platinum. I can almost always fight my way back to Diamond when opening my raid chest.

I wouldn’t mind improving it a bit, but I also don’t want to go too high - it can be stressful. the times i’ve reached 2600 cups and closed the app, only to open it again and find myself -350 cups after 10 minutes… :laughing:

I’m going to vote for aegir… you’ve got Grimm emblemed, which probably brings his stats close to isarnia. He has the edge being average over slow.

Aegir’s shared damage is a great feature for higher star titans… obviously the heal and defense buff are nice too. I have him at 3/70 and he landed on a one-shot war team for me this war.


Yeah. But if you were using a first class tank, like Aegir, the cups wouldn’t drop so much.

I vote Aegir to improve your defence, and also will be good to help in attack


Since titans are your top priority I suggest Isarnia. The most important factors in titan damage are a super attack buffer, defense/elemental defense down, and tile damage. Isarnia has the highest tile damage of any blue hero, and an even stronger defense down than Grimm that you can stagger with Grimm’s to permanently keep that defense lowered. Titans are the best source of loot, so maximizing your attacks there should provide the best return for you.

Aegir is a very good tank, but investing in your raid defense doesn’t do much for you. If you raid back into Diamond consistently then it doesn’t matter if you drop cups to Platinum overnight, and the difference in loot is minimal anyway. War defense does matter, but if your alliance is only hitting 4* titans then I imagine optimizing your war defense isn’t ultimately going to do that much for you. You also have some passable tanks already, so the upgrade here isn’t going to be crazy anyway.


After all the buffs, Aegir is quite impressive. (BTW, if you’re playing cheaply or need a cleric that does damage, Agwe is not as bad as his reputation might suggest… I don’t regret maxing him, even if he’ll never get emblems.)

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IMO, since your priority is Titan, I suggest Aegir for survive, you do not have wilbur. You have already Grimm avarage def down. And also Aegir can be as your tank in raid/war (bonus).


I vote Aegir.

Reason being is that he does actually fulfill your requirements regarding titans and raid offence.

I run Aegir in my anti-red raiding and titan team. He is fantastic at keeping the squad alive with the damage sharing and defence buff…

He also can sit in the healer role in both scenarios if you stack blues… My Aegir (against red titans with Frida and Grimm and Miki active) heals each member of the team for hundreds to thousands of hp PER TILE. So he can literally turn a white wash to a decent score by simply healing everyone up.


Aegir is seriously great on offense. He’s the only hero I have that can turn a loss into a win. I don’t mean he helps win I mean he really turns raids around for me. Using mono blue anyways, when his buff is active 3 tiles brings all my heroes back to 100% hp lol it’s kinda dumb. He’s good against red titans for that reason. The spirit link and defense buff plus healing from tile damage means you can ignore stunning the titan if you want and just make your blue matches lol
He’s not a bad tank too. He does have some natural enemies hahh dad joke. Yeah Evelyn, Zeline, hatter; like there’s some players who will search for Aegir tanks because it’s their favorite. But there’s also a lot of people who just don’t attack Aegir tanks. Aegir keeps my cups around 2600 pretty comfortably.


thanks everyone, I really appreciate all your responses. you’ve given me some good insights.

and thank you for considering my specific situation :slight_smile:

i can see pros/cons for both… Isarnia for boosting my Titan scores, and Aegir for also being good on raid offense (it’s true, he and Kiril are my only defense buffers and I often bring both against Kunchen tanks).

will have a think about it while I wait for the last scope.

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Aegir - good support/tank and especially against titans - long product life cycle

Isarnia - powerful but slowly fading out in current meta - works well with any damage dealer

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one question for everyone: I’ve been reading again pros/cons of Aegir v Isarnia in Titans.

I understand and agree that Aegir’s skill helps keep the team alive against tougher Titans…

but is this relevant for the 4* Titans my alliance is facing now? my Blue squad has almost never been in danger of dying. except Grimm, but we all know how frail he is.

so i’m a bit torn as to who will be more useful in Titans in the short term. Long term I agree Aegir will be though.

on raid offense I do think Aegir will be potentially more useful for the skill and average mana speed. Isarnia is powerful but slow… it was for that reason I dropped Skittleskull and Colen from my raid offense stacks.

With your squad you should not have problems surviving against titans till you are far far beyond where you are now. I think you should be good up around maybe 11*, possibly 12. If you always have surplus iron then you can use banners and bombs/axes to keep your squad alive, along with Kiril, and focus on damage heroes.

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Aegir is a joke, imo. Even after his buff he still sucks. He is a very passive tank, very easy to beat. Not worth the mats at all

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I disagree with your statement. While he doesn’t usually give me problems on the defensive side… he’s quickly becoming a nice addition to my 3/2 blue raid team. And I’m only using him at 3/70. He’ll likely get my next set of scopes unless Alice or Ariel decide to join me.


thanks @phoshop I feel like you really considered where I am in the game at the moment.

and thanks for the Agwe endorsement :slight_smile: My Valeria has hit her 3/60 wall, so I’m finishing Agwe from 3/44 to 3/60 now. I figure if I ever do get a surplus of capes, Agwe could get them! And Boril is my only other 4* or 5* cleric at the moment…

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