Can you help me with building a defensive team?

Yes, I have a few costumes, I don’t recall which exactly but I think it was one for Hawkmoon and one for Brienne (idk if that’s her name, that berserk lady that is pretty much looking like she could be part of a wrestling show)

I’d be absolutely fine with it being pinned. If anyone can benefit from my mistakes that’d be more than fair and good sports to share this. I totally agree!

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Ah, forgot about brienne, the Becky Lynch of E&P, she is very useful in both forms. A team with Hawkmoon 2.0 and some Namahages is great for any challenge event except Grimforest imo, i use a team of Hawkmoon (before and after costume) + 4 Namahage all the time for good results in events. i have built 3star teams for every element with some extra for tournament, as a reference since i am quite happy with these, have to switch to ipad to post 3stars, one moment :upside_down_face: :


Pretty happy with those and done with 3stars, maybe the new ones coming will be kept.

And the ones I kept for super fast tournament etc.

So i mainly use the Atlantis 3stars, all the classics will come for you through summon tokens imo. And i keep one of the new event 3stars too for collection, i am not too overwhelmed by them.


Just curious… 5 Gato to what purpose? Mono for bloody battles? (Because is the only situation I can see)

i went with 5 Gatos into Grimforest, they did quite well despite living at sea. These are my challenge event teams, but i go with the red ones nearly every time anyway.

I see… I didn’t think of it, because, for one, I would use one Valen between them, especially at last stages, where the bosses are tougher :slightly_smiling_face:

5 Gatos works well, personally I like to put Ulmer in there and fit Karil in there too :slight_smile: Karil I think is important for challenge events, since his spread damage is something I benefit from against triple bosses – spreading damage with Ulmer -> Karil and battle items is more efficient at finishing off the last bosses.

Valen is good too but for Challenge events I often wish I had another Gato instead. I get my def- from Ulmer already. I’m actually leveling up another Gato myself to replace Valen.

For raid tournaments though Valen -> Gato is the absolute BEST combo in the rarity :slight_smile: Definitely keep 1 Valen: he’s a junior version of Finley, honestly one of the best snipers in the rarity too.

This is the team I used in last Grimforest:


My Gatos ate all the Valens, but i see your point. Just too many 3stars anyway, so i had to make some decisions against the classic ones and the Gatos are immune to bosses debuffs (when timed correctly of course).

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Yep, they are great. I have only two kept, but they were enough to cancel Pixie, Hansel and Gretel in the last stages.


Nice score, i always reach top 1000 and take it, since the next loot step is top10, no chance for my slow mind and fingers :slightly_smiling_face:


Btw, sorry we get lost from topic :innocent:


100% HIGHLY suggest what @ThePirateKing suggest to you @Shamorin. It’s very solid advice, plus you will NEED several maxed teams of 4* for challenge events, AW, plus they have some very special hero’s, just look at G Jackal, G Falcon, Wilbur…to name just a few.
You already have a solid team of 5* but I’d seriously consider building up teams of 3/4* before continuing to work on any 5*. But that’s just my opinion and I’m rather slow so take that all with a grain of salt (maybe lemon and some tequila if it’s on hand?) :wink:


Nice avatar too, brother ice kitsune :joy:



But for now, for Defense maybe Kingston or Kaidlen, Alice, BK, SeShat, Vivica (obviously some of these need some leveling)

P.S welcome back and Good Luck!! Check back in and let’s us know how it’s going on occasion!! Pretty envious of your 5* roster BTW

P.P.S MN would be a great addition to your lineup but she needs work moreso than the hero’s I mentioned. I was going with the easiest lineup to get into shape the quickest while you work on your other hero’s


@Scarecrow, you are an extremely knowledgeable and helpful more than you post things such as this. Sometimes it’s MUCH better to say NOTHING at all instead of going full Pitbull mode.
Maybe consider thinking that everyone has different agendas, lives, family responsibilities, job etc BEFORE you post these belittling observations? Now this is only a suggestion and I’m in no way trying to attack you. I appreciate all you do for this community, and then, inevitably, I run into a post such as this that knocks my opinion down a few notches. You have an incredible amount of knowledge to offer, all of it is helpful to someone. I know many players, including players who have been here for awhile, look to you for guidance. Keep up the good work and let these posts die away.
I’m only posting this because I know how passionate you are about this game and it tends to take over in your posts and can be a bit too direct. Anyway, hope you will take this into consideration
Thanks for your time, hope you have a great holiday season!!

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Seen no insult too and I’m highly sensitive :slightly_smiling_face:
Now back to topic, what was it again? :smile:


Let’s get back on topic please :slight_smile:

On topic being, helping OP with their defense team and their overall roster.


Thank you all for posting and helping me out even more!
Please, stop the fighting, there was absolutely no offense taken in what was written. No need for hard feelings, as this was all well within what I’d consider good sport and humor.

thank you again! I think I’m going for a more damage-oriented build to fit the meta at the moment, swapping Melendor for Kingston when I finish levelling him and levelling MN slowly to swap her in for Justice. I’ll definitely focus on lower star heroes the next few months though in order to build a solid hero base for AW and all the other uses stated above by the great number of helpful people :slight_smile: I’ll try to post updates every now and then in order to let you know how it’s going and what insights I have gained from what I do/did before. Once I’ve gotten more heroes up to level, I can of course post more information :slight_smile:

Again thank you all for sharing your knowledge with me, it’s awesome to see such support and humor from this great community.


Good Luck @Shamorin!! Please let us know how it’s going on occasion.

P.S Still really jealous of your 5* roster. You will be a beast soon enough. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a race. Hope to see you around soon


North / Neith / Black Knight / Alice / Hel

This way you can have a very solid rainbow team and with all emblems available


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