Can you help me with building a defensive team?

Hi! I’m kinda lost to be honest and I’d greatly appreciate if an experienced member could help me out. I’m currently trying to figure out a good defensive team (in the long run, so basicly who to level and who to just keep sitting at the moment) and I’ve been collecting a few heroes, levelling a few, but I only have rudimentary ideas of how to build an efficient defensive team. Without any regard for their current upgrades/level which ones should I choose for the best 5* defensive team? The heroes that I own are the following:

I greatly appreciate any help that I could get, because at the moment I feel completely lost concerning what to do and who to level up. My current defensive team is Seshat - Justice - Black Knight - Alice - Melendor but I want to replace Melendor (for obvious reasons) in order to improve my overall team quality. And yes, I’m a hoarder xD I should focus on levelling, not adding more heroes to my roster. That much I already figured out :wink: Thank you so much in advance for your time and advice!

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I am just curious. Since you have so many 5 stars, I am assuming that you have done a fair amount of pulls. So what happened to all your 3 and 4 star heroes?


I’ve been playing with 4* way past (I kinda stopped playing for a long, long time after pulling Hel for some reason) and I’ve been swapping out heroes. Not knowing that alliance wars were going to be a thing, I just looked into getting one single strong team for basicly any situation… That kinda backfired when I came back and I had to build a new roster. I’ve been feeding most 3 and 4 Stars into my 5 Stars in order to level them up faster. In hindsight that was quite the dumb mistake, but sadly I can’t change much about that now :frowning:


Oh okay, now I understand. But yeah if I were you I would really level some 3 and 4 stars right now. You are missing out on a lot of potential loot (especially emblems) from the rare and epic tiers of challenge events and tournaments, plus the maxed 4 stars work great as part of war teams in conjunction with your 5 stars, not to mention they take way less time and resource to max. You already have a good 5 star defense, maybe just replace Melendor with Kingston and then work on some 3 and 4 stars. Just my personal opinion. :slight_smile:


Cool roster anyway, must hurt badly to have all those 3 and 4stars fed to others, ouch!
Raid d imo if all were maxed: Alice-Seshat-BK-Kingston-Seshat
War d (depending on tank style of course, but most except the pro alliances use blue ones these days; at least in my experience being a mid card player): Seshat-BK-Aegir-Seshat-Kingston.
Dont have Seshat, but consider her the biggest threat in the game, so 2 are even better! :star_struck:

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First of all thank you so much for your help, it’s so awesome to get guidance while being absolutely lost (as I am right now) I was thinking about replacing Melendor with Mother North, but as I don’t have a good yellow tank (I don’t consider Justice a viable option for tank) I kinda fear for putting double colors in my defense team as I fear being countered by a heavy yellow lineup. I’m also trying to get my mind off the imaginary fact of needing a healer in my defense team (kinda old mindset) With BK being the obvious choice for some kind of tanky composition in the team (he has literally brought me a solid 400 trophies by swapping Elena tank for him) I kinda feel like I have to put either Mother Nord in (for the revive) or Aegir (for the damage share, as it splashes a solid +20% damage on every team member if both Aegir and BK abilities are active, but then again I feel like a simple dispel counters that strategy, so my mind goes around in circles about what I could do against that and I end up at exactly the same point where I started.

This is something that I actually should do, you’re totally right, but for some reason I just postpone it on and on thinking “ok, I’ll just get my defensive team sorted out first, then I do that.”

This one is a very interesting lineup in my opinion, but (as stated above) I fear that with Grimble being a thing now, using Seshat twice is a huge bait for this hero, given the fact that if he uses his ability on 6 minions I imagine that being a ton of mana given to every ally by his passive on minion destruction.

Here’s where I’m at a total loss of knowing what to do. With my team standing as it is, I really want to put Mother North in for Melendor in order to get some revive chance on the already quite tanky lineup (the chance of Justice and BK reviving and each getting a damage tanking minion is sounding terrifying to me)

Usually, while playing offensively I focus on getting BK to tank enemy snipers (which he does with great success) and I’m currently working on red mana troops to make him just a bit faster, and after all that seems like a reasonable thing to do. Concerning Alliance wars: I’m currently leading a small alliance that plays for fun and being as it is, alliance wars are kind of low on our priority list, we’re actually struggling to get everyone to even attack 3 times, let alone leave the war without open attacks whatsoever. Although I’d much rather play at a higher pace, I feel great loyalty towards my alliance, so I wouldn’t even consider leaving it in my wildest dreams at this point. We’ve grown to be way too much of a family^^ Baiscly all I’m looking to achieve is staying in 2400+ trophies consistently, but somehow my mind tells me that this is something that I’ll probably never achieve, having gone missing for so long :crying_cat_face:

Anyways, thank you so much for your advice, as stated before, it means a lot to me to get guidance in these tricky situations and please excuse this wall of text monster that I just threw in here.

I dont fear grimble, running red hood on d. The heavy summoners will have him, dont know if you face those. Most will keep him benched at 1-1, waiting for things to come imo.
Seshat can make weak cleanup teams go crazy in war! Your seshats probably wont fire at same time too. Got Grimble at 2-60, probably take him to 3-70, im not impressed with his weak slash attack making Neiths look like Hercules. Queen of hearts would be nice to protect your seshats from Grimble, BK should be able to do that too, but i really wouldnt expect too many grimbles coming at you the next weeks/months :thinking: Every hero has his nemesis, i dont look too much at that and try to get my d ready for any attackers and your BK and Aegir should buy time for the others, no matter what they throw at you (depending on attackers board of course, but a mix of minions and skills could be great and forces opponent to give away some firepower for overcoming buffs and minions), then the minion craziness of seshat should do the rest.


Your current d with kingston for Melendor, like “Gol D Roger” mentioned should keep you above 2400 cups with ease imo.


Thank you again for your time, patience and insights!

I do, sadly, getting most defeats at the hand of 4.3k Teams with crazy strong 5* emblem’d up heroes.

I totally underline and highlight this. This is so true! Even my two 1/1 Seshats have been doing some crazy cleanups in wars, they get incredibly tanky with all these minions.

You’re so right on this one too! I’ve probably been overanalyzing and trying to find some kind of strategy, but after all versatility and overall strength is way more important. I haven’t realized that I was getting a LOT of tunnel vision from my mindset! Thanks again!

This sounds very logical to me and I’ll try my best to try it out!

Thank you again so much for your help!


Youre welcome, but just my humble opinion, wont take too long and the pros will destroy my thoughts :rofl: btw, grazul, kadilen and hel are great too to punish bad boards!


I hope you dont work as a motivation coach :rofl:


Hahahaha, good one :rofl:


You’re a fair ways along with a very strong high diamond defence.

If I had your heroes, in their current state, I’d be aiming for:

North / Seshat / Black Knight / Alice / Kingston

I run North and Kingston together and stay above 2600. BK is a very good tank and Seshat/Alice are excellent snipers.

People may be able to make a different defence that works - but certainly not much better.


Except you can’t emblem both to max - which keeps my second off my D


Thats true, got that with 2 kingstons, thinking about sharing emblems cause i like him so much, but probably wont do that. But if deciding to split emblems someday, i would Go North-Seshat-BK-Kingston-Seshat, Kingston should do the att- and i dont have that much respect for Alice, dont know why, cause she is great in theory, but guess from experience against her :thinking:
Anyway, a strong defense should be the least problem, getting a time machine to get back that tons of 3 and 4stars is the real problem. :wink:


Anyone who has this roster has done a fair number of pulls. Even at a 50 percent pace of previously three stars can be replenished at the next Atlantis event and four stars by easter latest.


I can’t stress this enough.

Work on some 3*s ASAP – they’re so quick to max and will be used for raid tournaments and challenge events for some free loot. They take no rare items to ascend either, and they’re a great way to spend little food in case you’re saving it for leveling up troops.

Atlantis is coming up, that’d be a good event to pull – all the Atlantis 3*s are pretty good :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your kind help!

A special thank you goes to @Scarecrow though^^ I’m sure you intended no offense and none was taken, rest assured of that, but if I’ve learned one thing in my years of walking the outer crust of our planet it’s not to give up and acknowledge what you have, not what you could have. Otherwise life in itself would be pointless, as I’m sure every single one of us has missed some great opportunities in life itself. Indeed I made a mistake, but why would I give up because of that? That’s counter-intuitive to me, but hey, some people see obstacles, others see sculptures, it’s all in the point of view, isn’t it? Nevertheless your comment was a good one and I had to genuinely laugh at my own dumbness, that you just went on to point out mercilessly (and I agree that I don’t deserve otherwise).

That actually sounds pretty good! I’ve been looking into the fact that traditional healers don’t seem to really cut it in defense teams in current meta, and I like the fact that no emblems get to be divided with this composition. If only Kingston was a yellow hero haha^^ But thank you so much for your advice, I greatly appreciate it and it really sounds like a very potent team to set up! Thanks again!

If I ever get a time machine, I’d change a lot before this comes up on my list^^ but it definitely is on the list and it is absolutely not in the bottom half of things to change from the past too xD But yes, indeed I now bite my own behind that I did this to my roster, but that’s fixable :slight_smile:

that’s exactly what I planned on doing, maybe even slowing down to 1/4 of my usual pull rate, but I’ll definitely slow down and cherish the lower star heroes way more than before. Thank you for cheering me up and reminding me!

Yes, SIR! That’s the plan :slight_smile: Atlantis 3* and 4* heroes are definitely what I’m looking to get soon. I didn’t even know the fact that 3* don’t cost any rare items to ascend and those non-rares I have in abundance, given the fact that I sadly almost never used them. I feel like a gingerbread right now for being so foolish to instantly aim for full 5* heroes. Thank you so much for your advice too!

Thanks again to each and every one of you, you’re actually restoring my sanity :slight_smile:


I was serious though, about pinned stuff. There are some topics on this forum about mistakes done by the players. Your example is not between those, because like I said, it is the first time when I hear something like this :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a saying, about a person learning from own mistakes. But I think also many others may learn from others mistakes.


Do you have costumes for Hawkmoon and Gunnar, then i would hunt those 2 too for 3star roster, both should help a lot for rare events and tournament in addition to at best Gatos, Nahamges etc you hopefully will get from Atlantis?


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