Can the event’s epic stage be beaten without a fully leveled 4* team?

Hey everyone! I only have one rainbow set of ALMOST maxed 4* heroes: sabina, grimm, boldtusk, chao, and hansel. Since this is yellow reflect, I have to pull chao out and put in azar (my only non yellow maxed 3*). I do have a balthezar, but I don’t know if I can get him maxed in time. I don’t have a bunch of high-level items either, just a few revive scrolls and a couple bombs and time skips.

Am I wasting my time trying to get those ascension items?

The lower the level the higher the item cost.

Don’t even try if you don’t want to use items, but if you do (and I suggest you to do it) is better to win wasting items than losing saving them!

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I think you should be able to get through at least most of it. Azar is nice because she is fast and your healers will help.

For items I usually always take arrows, axes, bombs, and 225 health potions.

I grind my way to the boss level. Try and make sure everyone is charged and unleash all my items if needed.

I am currently on stage 10 in legendary (lost once) with maxed Tiburtus Grimm Rigard Wu Caedmon.

Give it a shot, it won’t hurt. You might surprise yourself. Take your time and watch your heros health. Those little minions are quite annoying and sneaky.

I remember my first event and I did not care about reflect. I just took my strongest heroes and go for it. There is usually 1 or more that has no reflect, I just took enough healers/healing items. It is just like facing Boril or Cyprian, you just don’t skip those battles.

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Okay thanks for the advice and encouragment! I’m definitely not opposed to ising items; I had just assumed I would need really high level items to get through

I just want to let everyone know I actually beat epic and legendary! Okay so technically I had to continue twice on stage ten of legenday, but the token kind of made up for that. Thank you everyone for your help and encouragement!


Just build arrows and axes, bombs if you can.

Throw them at everyone and make sure your heroes are charged up before you get to the boss stage.

focus on the weaker minions and ghost tiles to charge specials for your bosses.

You should be fine. I beat epic on this when I had barely leveled 4* back in…February? I guess?

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