Last level on legendary event

I am in the last level of the legendary even. This is new for me last month i could not get pass the level 5 so i am already glad but i would like to finish. I struggle easily to win the last one. I failed already many times so i change my team again. I choosed this one. Do. You think i can win it with it or which team should i use?

Thanks in advance

I’d prefer Elena to Hu Tao as this event reflects yellow. See if you can make it final round with some of your team alive and then carpet bomb. You can do almost 4000 damage with your items if you get there, but will need to do some special damage also

It will be difficult to get there with this team to be honest. You probably need more advanced heroes


Thanks that is what i think too. I am working big to finish hua tao li xiu kashrek sonya and rigard (will provide me some flexibility because i cannot put sonya and sabina in the same team). With that maybe i will be ready for next month event.

Me personally I used:
And didn’t have a bit of trouble with it actually none of my heroes died surprisingly but I would use rigard, boril or cyprian, gormek, and li xiu. Because rigard debuffs the enemy and heals everyone on yourteam, Skittleskull Attacks everybody at ones and has really high accuracy, gormek Attacks 3 people at once, boril and cyprian Both do counter attack to the enemy doing damage, and li xiu because she drains the mana of the enemy.

Ooh!! That’s right I forgot about the yellow counter attack So instead I would either do Sonya or grimm

@Infinite You are definitely right about using more advanced heroes That can definitely be a make Or break in the tournament


But they already have Sonya and Grimm on the team


Replace Kashrek with Little John and Hua Tao with Kiril. Keep the mat load out you have with the exception of changeing small mana for big mana pots.

Get to boss level fully loaded ( you have the healers to do it ) bomb them out and Grimm, L.J. and Sonja should do the rest.

Good luck! :smile:

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