Last stage in Legendary event!

I can’t beat #10 stage in legendary.
Need some advices please … will be big sad time if I couldn’t clear it.
This is my roster.

I used
Huge mana pots
Dragon flags
Hp pots
Still can’t pass … any advices will be great.
Thanks in advance.

I might try

LJ, Boril, Gormek (max), Kiril, Scarlet/Gormek

For items I usually use dragon attacks, bombs, axes, health potions (usually medium but depends on what I have)

Unleash the damage items right off the bat and try to make sure everyone is ready to fire going into the bosses.


Will try hope it will work but I am afraid I don’t have dragon attacks !

I didn’t for a while. I took arrows. Will need to do some more damage after but you should be able to weaken them a bit.

Problem is I don’t hhave 75 gems to redo the game is I got all killed … weaken them is not the goal I want to clear it.

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I mean weaken them with bombs, axes, and arrows. Then fire your specials. They should be pretty weak before you start.

I never use 75 gems to revive. I just regroup and do it again.

You should be able to do it. Don’t rush it though.

You notice that My kiril is not maxed?

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Yeah I did see that. But his attack/Def buff will come in handy.

I used my Kiril at 60 in the epic portion.

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Man If I lost with those war tools … It will be gone for good.
I only have few of them left for 1 run

I’ve been making a bunch. I have had an abundance of iron waiting on buildings so just been making them to use it.

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Cleaaaaaaaaaard it hahahahahjajajaja


awesome man! Those mats are a great thing to get!

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Use 75 gems when you think that you already got closest to beating the mobs.

With the squad that @King_Nothing gave me I didn’t even need gems.
I don’t have gems at all lol.
I just used
Time stops
Huge hp pots


I have always felt using gems to continue was a waste. I’d rather go back through will a better plan. Those gems are better used for other things unless you buy them regularly I guess.


I had to use dragon attacks along with bombs attacks to get through it. Good luck

Too late … its already done one day ago ^^

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