Help I need compass!

Hi what’s the best way to get a compass? I need about three more and I can’t remember for the life of me how I ever got the two from previous. I think it came with one of those gem specials flash sales they used to have once or twice a week but now it seems like it’s only once every 3 weeks and it’s not much. And I haven’t seen a compass available in any missions anymore what gives? Can’t they just sell them for gems I’d buy them? That would be something that the developers should look into selling Ascension materials for gems. Anyway any advice on what’s the best way to get Compass would really help me thank you

Farholme Pass rare quest gives a compass on level 4 every other time. We just had Frostmarch, so the next one will be Farholme Pass (the one with gloves and tome) in about 7-10 days.

Thanks but I’m going to guess in order to successfully beat that level you need Uber assented Heroes we are talking like five star Heroes that’s past the 4/ 70 Mark and of course you can’t do that without a compass so I’m going to get easily defeated trying to win this . where are those dang 99.99 dollar flash sales that used to be all the time those have gotten completely scarce now don’t they want to make money?

I complete the challenge stages with 4* heroes all the time. :slight_smile: Just build up what you’ve got, and you’ll get there.

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Definitely not. You can beat the 4th stage with 4* Heroes at 3/60. You can beat the final stage with 3/60 heroes using good strategy and a couple of items. When you have fully maxed 4* heroes you should be able to beat the last stage comfortably.


Thanks but in order to get 4-star Heroes to the 4th Asuncion unique Compass I believe?

You can finish the 4th stage with a color stacked team of maxed 3* and judicious use of items

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Correct, but compass is in the 4th stage of the quest. The 5th (final ) stage offers the 4* material (rings/ tonics/ damascus/ tome etc)

On Thurs there is a new event starting, complete the epic tier and a compass is yours, 4* hero’s at 3/60 can get you there, so you can get 5 to that stage without a compass

Oh and after 1 and half months, I had built a team worthy of completing all rare quests, it recommends a higher team power than you actually need, a few mana pots and healing potions and a mix of 3* maxed and partially lvled 4* will do it

As you’re probably just starting off in the game, it’ll be a while before you experience a good run of compass drops.

My advise would be to find a solid alliance with between 15-25 members, hit those titans, and fill up those titan and war chests. In the meantime, if you’re not intending on spending too much on the game and have a good number of 3 & 4* heroes, level them up to the highest possible level for the rare quests as well as challenge events. Healers are important, but Gunnar or Kailani are great 3* heroes who can help you get through tougher stages with their spirit link.

As you progress through the game, you’ll find that certain mats will become more common. However, some others might not…:persevere:

Good luck and happy gaming!:grin:

Hi okay I I am pretty much done with this new Mission and yet I have not see any Compass at all did they changed what are to get in this farholm mission?

There are two Farholme Pass Quests… This one only gives fine gloves and the tome of tactics, while in about a month, the other quest will give a compass and damascus blade on completion.

It’s a pain waiting for the right ascension mats, but that’s the way it is unfortunately… Patience young padawan…:wink:


You would pay 99.99 $ for a compass? Hey! What the hack! I’ll sell you 5 for 99.98 each! :grinning:
Oh! And final rare quests stages are quite easy with a 4* team. So stage 4 (where the compass is) should be a walk in the park…
You want to play E&P? What you really need is not money. Is patience. Lots and lots of it…

My main team consists of azlar 3/60 sartana 3/50 everlyn 3/17 viveka 2/60 and richard 2/60

My other strong hero via color is


Obakan 3/17

Domitia 2/60

Rigard 2/47

Quintas 2/35

Triburtis 3/20


Bold tusk 2/45

Cohen 2/33

Sumitomo 2/33


Onaltel 3/23

Wu kong 2\42

Li xiu 2/43


Thorne 2/60

Magni 2/60

Sonya 3/55

Frida 2/60

Grimm 2/38

Kiril 2/43


Elkman. 2/60

Horghall 2/49

Lianna 2/20

Atomos 2/30

Gradious 3/40

So should I keep my main line up when this Quest opens up or should I do some switching around if so who should I replace with whom

Fairly common tactical error, imho… you went straight for the 5* heroes and now you don’t have the mats to ascend them… Would you have used those compasses on 4* heroes you would have a reliable maxed 4* team at this point with lots of emblems on them, which would surpass by far the 3/60 5* heroes in your line-up… unfortunately you might be in this situation for quite a while, before gathering the needed materials… anyway, this will turn in your favor as soon as you will get the materials…


Eventually you’ll have more compasses then you can immediately use! You didn’t get one in this last challenge event?
My advice would be to pick a good rainbows 4* team to max first as the compasses drop. This will be the team that can complete all levels of the rare quests and also possibly even legendary in the challenge events.

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I never get compasses from loot ever. I cannot ascend any of my heroes to the final tier. Ive got a road block. It’s none sense

Actually compasses are pretty common stuff. I got 19 of them in eight month, and that is not much at all… I’m always low on them as well, only got one available at the moment, but that is because you need them to ascend every hero…

I can tell you few months back I had same issue, somehow i gotten several compasses in short period, so just be patient, play all special and rare events it will come.
On the other hand Im playing for over one year and I still dont have 4* purple troop :).
RNG is basis for this game and it also discourages player from playing.

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Keep at it.

The next rare event in about 10 days will drop a compass when you beat it.

They don’t come from regular loot, they come from monster chests, raid chests, titan chests, events, and Atlantis chests. You will get plenty of compasses if you hang in there.

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