Can Justice 3^70 help my paladin teams?

So, I went to the ol’ TC 20 today, and out popped Justice. The reviews I hear on her are mixed to negative. If I need a yellow tank, I already have Onatel +6, who seems like a way better choice. I have 4 darts, but I’ve pretty much convinced myself to give the next set to Vivica (over Leonidas, Ranvir, and now Justice) anyway, since I really like to run two healers in most of my raids, and Viv is the only option in yellow. So the best I can do with Justice for a long while is take her to 3^70. I’m not especially short on orbs, and the only other contenders at the moment are Hu Tao 3^60 and Ranvir 2^60, so I’m kind of considering it. One place I think she might be able to help is class trials.

Now my paladins are a sorry lot, led by Thorne 4^80 and Sonya +20. For the two class trials involving paladins, my teams are:

Trials of Serenity: Thorne 4^80, Tiburtus +20, Sonya +20, Buddy +14, Cyprian +8. (On the bench: Chao 4^70, Khagan 3^70)
Trials of Justice: Thorne 4^80, Sonya +20, Wilbur +17, Cyprian +8, Leonidas 3^70. (On the bench: Li Xiu +20, who may get off the bench again next time)

Does Justice at 3^70 have a good place in either lineup? Is the blind going to be helpful enough to have a significant impact vs. say, Leo or Li’s mana cut or Cyp’s riposte? At slow mana, it’ll be basically impossible to charge her a second time on the boss wave, I suspect.

Could she also have a place on a fifth or sixth war team, where my typical yellows are Leo 3^70, Chao 4^70, and Danza 4^70?

Of course, if I could pull Telluria with my costume or Valhalla summons this month, then this would all be a moot point… :smile:

Your Trials team look solid, I guess you do need to bring dmg items in case it goes south. So you want to get a team able to just cruise the trials with just healing items?.
Imho, the moment you use Justice you take out Cypran. Because Reflect with -blind is a rage inducing combo. I personally prefer using Cypran + some dmg items. Otherwise with Justice you are going for a longer game plan, and the only heals you have outside of items are Buddy’s minion and Leonidas selfheal. Willbur does help mitigate dmg, but you still are getting hit with no healing done.
So, all in all I wouldnt bother to use a 3/70 Justice over Cypran. My personal taste.

The best upgrades you can hope to get with relative ease are costum Boldtusk and costume Rigard. That will most likely drop your item consumption by a lot

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Yes, that’s my goal.

Hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right. I was thinking that Cyp would be the odd man out anyway, but hadn’t considered that reasoning.

Yes. Looks like I will have enough keys for 11 pulls after finishing The Masquerade this month. (I have been saving them in hopes of landing Telluria.) These would be among my most desired costumes to pull, especially after the brutal beating I took in the Trials of Justice last time.

Thanks for the recommendation.

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I agree, riposte is pretty decent on trials

I have justice as my main tank but I’m dropping her from my trial and event teams as soon as other options are available.

At 3^70 her attack will be very weak and if you are keen on blind, take arrows!


Echoing others, Justice really doesn’t come into her own until the last tier. I don’t see any point in taking her to 3/70 if you have other plans for the darts and won’t be maxing her. If you might max her, then sure, feed her now to save time later.


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