Can C Elkanen/Elkanen with C bonus be effective vs top defenses

So my lucky pull this costumes event was Elkanen… can either version be used effectively?

Currently when I run a green stack I have Frigg, Zocc, C Melendor & 2 Liannas. Does he do enough damage in either version to justify taking a Lianna out? I am thinking Frigg (20-25% average defense down)+ Lianna + C Elkanen = 1 dead, 2 decently damaged, and one incapacitated by Zocc plus at least 1 dead by tiles.

The health steal seems super situational, but could perhaps be used relatively effectively against the overhealer ninja and heim tanks? So the original special may be more consistent but timed well the costume special may end up being more effective. Perhaps this would be more effective in tougher PVE. A shame healing aid is no longer in play…

I expect him to excel in healing wars. Not really that great in defence

Also the new raid formations can at least mitigate his splash effect to AOE

Yes if healing wars ever come back I’ll be happy (I liked healing aid anyway).

I am not sure how raid formations will pan out over time, but yes I guess if I go up against a formation with a 4-nearby center then the 280% AOE is decent.

In defence I have Frigg in green so he is not likely to ever get a run.

I do have 20 tonics and no current alternative 5* projects so he is likely to be maxed and experimented with

Source: Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?

I personally like the Costume Version more than normal version because it evens out the damage more (by changing from “minor to nearby” to the same percentage as the hitter). BUT not only “evens it out” but ends up dealing more net damage when you sum it all up.

If you combine C-Elk with Frigg it will be very effective… Better if you combined with Almur/ Evelyn IMO.

As you identified the Healing Steal is situational BUT it is still highly effective at nullifying a Pocket Healer… Or if there is a Heal Over Time enemy (like say Telluria or Alberich), Elkanen Costume is even more effective as its stealing the heal over multiple turns.

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Then spare me some tonics kind sir. I have tons of green I want to ascend


Yes I agree. Anchor prefers the original for the “increased damage” but glosses over the fact that it is half damage for nearby. The only benefit of the 330% is increased chance of finishing off one of the enemies, but I prefer the higher overall damage.

Almur has eluded me every S3 portal… he is the S3 equivalent of Proteus for me (although I have 2 now). Fingers crossed for next time…

I will give him a try, thanks for the feedback

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Spare me some worthy greens in return kind sir…

Francine? My second one is wasting away and needs someone to adopt her

I’d do that deal.

I’m finally researching the last alchemy lab level so i can start to channel my tonics into something more useful for me

The old war rules never left, it just cycles. Don’t worry, your field aid is coming back

We are already in the second/third? cycle without field aid.
I’m a little pessimistic we will see it in the near future again, which is a little bit sad for all the heal stealing heroes loving this war rule.

War rule rotation
Last field aid was in the middle of October last year

I swore I remembered playing field aid before. Well that’s just biased to exclude field aid. And besides field aid is tame compared to the new rules (cough…equalizer…cough)