Atomos or Elkanen ? Don't know

Hi all,
Just got Elkanen and costume. Still 1.1 both.
And have Atomos at 2.13
6 Tonics and my green stack is Heimdall +8, Lianna +8 and Horghall + 2
All my cleric emblems are on Vivica, Grazul and Rigard, and am lack of a good barbarian (just Grimm +18 and LJ +9)
Could you please advise me on which hero deserve ascension ?
Thank you in advance!

Elkanen costume isn’t much better than the original, except in healing aid war.

I’ll vote for buffed Atomos.

I think with the change to Average, Atomos could be pretty good. Vote for him.

If you really need another green asap, I would go with Atomos, I find Elkanen’s costume underwhelming.

But honestly, I would wait.

Wait for what? Atomos is a very good option. He should have waited before horghall


There are better green heroes and I would wait at least a month before maxing Atomos, so to read some feedbacks.

Of course, it doesn’t apply if F2P, then Atomos.

Thank you, I’m C2P, just spend on 1 year VIP, PoV, and some 1.09€ and 2.29€ offers.
I should choose Atomos but… yeah, I’ll waiting, I want to see first what august Hotm will be :slight_smile:

Horghall was my very first 5* green, Lianna 6 months later, and Heimdall 2 months ago ^^

I think elkanen is better, the original hero with the costume bonus is pretty good on a fast hero.

The costume version can be useful against teams with multiple healing sources or field aid in wars.

I would go elkanen, you basically get two fast heros to choose from.

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Elkanen and then mana troup to 17 than he is very fast

In my honest opinion Elkanen put emblems on him and he can be a beast

Faced a few atomos already and haven’t been impressed. His mana speed has meant that he fired 2 out of the three battles, but he didn’t do much more than tickle my heroes. And when he res’d as a solo hero on the wing he was a joke to ghost and finish off. I vote elkanen

I have the exact same dilemma. Finally, I thought, Atomos as now average can be my green tank. But then I pulled Elkanen with his costume… and his defensive stats are just better. He is fast, hits three equally (if AI aims right!), and steals healing from three. Even without his costume on, just using the stats boost he is a more tanky looking hero than Atomos.

It’s a shame as I was really looking forward to using Atomos but if I can only level one I think cElkanen is the one for me.

(Will get round to both eventually … but in prioritiy order Elk then Atom.). Look forward to hearing other people’s opinions on it though.

I have elk at 19 atomos at 8. As i don t have any other barb i will bring new atomos to 19.

With elk i had a few great wars without costum as tank with vela flank but i will reset. Don t forget 3 of the best 4* heroes are clerics: mist, rigard and hansel. Them at 20 are gamechangers during wars and tournaments if you ask me

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My dilemma is not on defence but on offense. In war, we use green tanks so my Heimdall is on duty (also on my D team in raids).
My green mono team is currently Heimdall+8/Lianna+8/Brynhild+9/Caedmon+1/Horghall+2 and i don’t know which between Caedmon and Horghall i should delete for Atomos OR Elkanen…

Fair enough, sorry, I misunderstood your post. (I was just excited to hear someone talking about these two heroes who are on my mind too).

You are probably more experienced than me, but to contribute my opinion - if there was no cost involved I would say Atomos AND Elkanen to replace both Caedmon and Horghall. But obviously you’ve already spent time and resources to get these heroes to their current level, so it’s not that easy.