Kashhrek-C vs Elkanen War Tank

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Hey guys,

I pulled Kashhrek’s costume yesterday and feel pretty happy about it. We encountered an enemy with 4500 Team Power and Kashhrek-C+20 as tank in an AW recently and heck, we had a very hard time beating that dude.

So I wonder if I should swap him in on my war defense aswell.

My current D is: Clarissa - Neith - Elkanen - Vela - Lianna-C
Elkanen has a Costume aswell but I use it solely for the stats bonus.

Elkanens current stats at +7 are:
723 :crossed_swords: 859 :shield: 1428 :heart:

Kashhrek-C stats at +20 would be approximately
615 :crossed_swords: 834 :shield: 1517 :heart:

So it comes to the thoughts:
Is Elkanens damage worth anything or negligible?
Sorcerer talent vs Cleric talent? Kashhrek would easily be at 5/5, Elkanen only 3/5 Talent Nodes
Elkanen at +7 still has room for improvement while Kashhrek is at his climax
Kashhrek with Costume, last tree node and mana troop would hit 18% mana breakpoint but the healing bonus is a wasted stat with boosted health, correct?
Elkanen can use the crit troop to make him beefier

Just in case anybody asks for my other options:
Azlar, Leonidas, Kadilen, Sartana (unleveled/trash tier: Domitia, Quintus, Obakan, Khagan, Horghall)

I thought about running: Sartana - Vela - GREEN - Azlar - Neith as my rainbow option but I kinda like using two greens to trick the opponent into using red against my Vela. The only problem with Lianna and Neith is, that they share the class

Looking forward to receiving your comments
Thanks for reading!

IMO c.Kash is better tank, if he fire even 1 or 2 times flanks will be much harder to kill

Could work good, I don’t like slow corners but Neith flank is super annoying

Also doubke green isn’t that good idea because most players will take greens against you and don’t be afraid of any red

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Kash better as tank than elk. But personally i feel regular kash is sturdier than costume one

Healing bonuses all still apply to the health gain provided by Heimdall, CKashrek etc, up to double your original HP. So a healing bonus is worthwhile from that perspective - but 2% extra heal isn’t that much really. However CKash doesn’t have a healing bonus at bottom of tree, only at node 8

I think Elk is a clear winner, don’t get at all how Kash is even considered

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i run neith and clarissa in my defense btw, clarissa flank and neith wing works better for me


I agree Kashrek is too easy to counter with a dispeller. Another vote for Elkanen.

Nonono you misunderstood

What I was saying is, I would run KashC with mana troop (9%) plus node 20 (4%) for a total of 18% which accelerates me from 10 to 8.5 tiles on defence

The mana troop comes with 15% healing bonus and it would be a huge loss, if it would not count for boosted health.

Thanks to all others as well

Elk is a highly underrated and oft underestimated war tank. His ceiling is much higher than Kash’s, especially with his costume bonus.

I don’t know because I don’t have Elk xD just wanted to note that I’ve never fought an opponent with Elk as tank (he’s always at flank or wing).

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