C.Elkanen or Atomos

Any thoughts on my next nature hero to ascend between Elkanen (I have the costume but would likely use the regular version just with the costume bonus) and Atomos?

I’ll be adding this hero to a nature stack with Evelyn, Zeline, and Lianna. I like the speed of Elkanen to match everyone else, but Atomos does more damage overall and I have emblems available for him, too, though I know that shouldn’t be the ultimate deciding factor.

For reference, my ascended 5* nature heroes are:
–Lady of the Lake

Thanks for sharing your opinions!

My vote’s for Atomos…

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I agree, atmos

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A little bit of love for Elk here

His costume pairs very well with Evelyn, same mana speed and hitting three. As you have Evelyn, I think there could be a place for the Elk

Eve then Elk then Lianna is one certain death and two badly hurt, which at fast is pretty good

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Thanks for the the input.

I actually just pulled Bertila. What about her over either of these options?

As with @Infinite, I would go for Elkanen with maxed costume bonus. Unlike Atomos who’s damage to all is dependent on the enemy’s mana, Elk offers consistent and reliable damage output, regardless of the enemy’s mana. Evelyn, Elk with MCB and Evelyn would surely kill 2-3 enemy heroes. Bertila only excels during fast tourneys and wars, not really wise to invest tonics to just for those purposes.


Now that’s different… I have been lucky to pull 2. I intend to full ascend at least one of her. She is a killer when I have faced her in fast war so want my own

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I see you point Ultra, but depends on your game style. I have got to a stage now at my greatest enjoyment is wars and raids. I could give a :monkey: about my def team etc

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Thanks for all of the replies! There were some very good points made and I appreciate the input.

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