Calling the Doc for Advice

I would like to ask experienced players like @Kerridoc for advice please in terms of who to develop in my roster. I have been playing since late last year. I have been very disciplined (on the whole) with my levelling, starting with a bench of 3s and then working on 4s. I do not yet have a full bench of 30 War ready heroes, but I am getting there. So far, I have refrained from working on 5* heroes with the exception of Holy, since until recently (when I pulled Gretel), Wu was the only 4* that I felt was worth working on. I play religiously, and do not let a single flag go to waste.

Here is my bench:

Although not shown in my pictures, I also have all copies of vanilla 4*s (e.g. Sabina, Sonya, Skittles, Chao).
In terms of Ascension Materials, I have:
5 x Damascus Blades
3 x Farsight Telescopes
4 x Mysterious Tonics
6 x Mystic Rings
1 x Poison Darts
1 x Royal Tabard
8 x Tome of Tactics
12 x Compass
18 x Fine Gloves
3 x Hidden Blades
8 x Orbs
10 x Shields
9 x Trap tools
10 x Capes

My question is a very simple one. Should I continue working on another bench of 4s or is this the right time for me to start working on 5s, of course accepting that I will be stuck a bit of some ascension materials. I know I have an embarrassment of riches to work on which makes my choice even more difficult. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You have a pretty decent bench of 4* already, so I would suggest to start working on some of your 5s.
Looking at your AM I would suggest Mitsuko and Alberich (those colors are closest to fully ascendable).
A lot of 5s are very good at 3/70 as well, so to make it a rainbow, I’d say start Hel, Frida and Delilah.

Some might argue that Ariel is a better blue to level, but I think Frida will benefit you more (Titans, raids and war)


I’m on the same page as theChef…you should start with 5* …lot’s of good ones you got like Sartana (i would do before hel)…Musashi…Mitsuko…Frida…Albi

I concur with @TheChef. Some little details:

  • yellow: with raid tournaments, I’d work on Gretel then get Delilah to 3/70. She gets the next darts, I think
  • green: do you really have no tonics? In any case, Alberich should be your priority here.

Thanks for the advice @TheChef @Kerrido. I have 4 tonics and also picked up my 4th scope today. So by the time I get Alby to 3/70 he should be close.

With queen who is at 3/70, do I take her to 4th when I get the last blade (yes I’ve been stuck on blades since February) or do I work on Mitsuko first to 3/70.

Also assuming I pull falcon/ jackal in the upcoming guardians event they will take priority?

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Yes, it’s definitely worth getting Falcon and Jackal from Teltoc, and they then become your red and yellow projects, respectively.

Tricky call re Mitsuko and QoH. I might go for QoH — she’s very nice on titans. But I also love Mitsuko on offense, where she can lead blue heroes to the slaughter. Mitsuko has the merit of being a sorcerer, probably the best 5* one.

Hi guys, thought I’d give a little update and ask for a bit more advice. Since my last post, things have progressed a bit.

Red - QoH at 4/55, put on hold to level Falcon who is currently at 4/40. Will finish falcon and then continue on with QoH, then Mitsuko
Green - Took your advice and levelled Alby, he is now at 4/40.
Purple - Hel is at 3/70, waiting on last tabard. I am now levelling Panther
Yellow - Working on Jackal, Gretel put on hold but will be finished off and then Delilah
Blue - Ariel and Frida are at 3/70.

So 2 key questions.

  1. I have the 1 set of scopes - who should get the first set? Ariel or Frida?
  2. Similarly I am waiting on my last tabard - should I give it to Hel or Panther? Both are excellent heroes which makes my decision difficult.

Thanks in advance guys and I really appreciate the advice!

I’d go Hel and Ariel. But all your choices are top shelf heroes, congratulations on the list. You can’t really go wrong with Panther and Frida also

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I would say it kind of depends on whether you enjoy raiding or questing/events more. Either way you’ll be fine, so there’s no wrong decision. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

As someone who definitely enjoys seasonal, monthly, Season 2, Titan punching, and questing more, if I personally was in your shoes, I’d go with Panther and Frida. I’m routinely the top Titan hitter, and doing Titan damage is one of my primary goals.

But if you enjoy raiding and wars more, Hel and Ariel will serve you better. Hel locking down and doing additional damage to yellow heroes can be pretty important in a Guin heavy meta (though that seems to be changing with the balancing that happened in v20. We’ll see how it shapes up), and Ariel being an average speed cleanser in a field with few of those, would significantly improve your raid team.

A good problem to have. Like I said, it comes down to which aspects of the game you enjoy more.

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Thanks for the advice guys. @MD-DC you bring up a very valid point since Titans and getting high titan scores are my favourite part of the game and gives me good food for thought. At the same time I also spend a lot of time raiding.
I will sleep on the decision for a couple of days before deciding.

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Hi guys! After much pondering I went with Ariel and Hel and they have been amazing in raids/ wars helping me take down plenty of Guin/ Gravemakers.
I am currently at another cross road and need some guidance on what to do next. My current roster (fully levelled unless otherwise stated):
Purple - Hel, Rigard, Proteus, Sabina, Tiburtus 3.60, Ameonna 3.60, Panther 3.70
Red - QoH, Falcon, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Scarlett, Mitsuko 3.70, Gravemaker 3.70
Yellow - Wu Kong, Onatel, Gretel, Jackal, Delilah 3.70, Guin 3.70
Blue - Ariel, Kiril, Grimm, Triton, Frida 3.70, Sonya 3.60, Alasie 3.70
Green - Alby, Caedmon, Melendor, Peters, Gadeirus, Kashrrek 3.60, Morgan 3.45

Current materials.
Scopes - 3
Tabard - 3
Tonic - 7
Rings - 7 (a bit short on blades though!)
Darts - 6

For reference, my current defence is Alby, Hel, Ariel, Onatel, QoH
I just need a bit of direction as to who I should give the mats to.

  1. Red - Is Gravemaker a no brainer here or should I give my rings to Mitsuko?
  2. Yellow - I always assumed that Guin would be a no brainer until someone suggested I should give the darts to Delilah. What do you guys think? Other heroes I could work on is Joon and Inari although they are both at 1.1.
  3. Green - Although I have Morgan at 3.45, I also have Lianna available. Should I commit with Morgan or go with Lianna?
  4. Purple - I am stuck for a while for Tabards. Who should I be working on in the mean time? Cheshire Cat, Kageburrado, 2nd Hel, Kunchen or get Tiburtus to 4th Ascension? Also I would assume Panther will get the next set of Tabards over Kage whenever they do show up?
  5. Blue - When I do get the scopes, would Alasie or Frida get priority?

Thanks in advance. You guys have always been really helpful!

Red: Grave 100%
Yellow: Guin is bigger pain …
Green: Both great
Purple: Panther, Kage or Kunchen
Blue: Alasie, but Frida is very good too

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Red: GM is a no brainer
Yellow: I’d go Delilah. Guin is a phenomenal tank, but much less useful in any other area of the game. Delilah excels everywhere except titans
Green: Both great options, but I’d go Lianna first for the direct damage.
Blue: Frida will help you more on titans, Alasie more on raids. No bad options here
Purple: if you have 7+ trap tools, finish Tibs, then take Burrito to 3/70. Panther should get the next set of tabards. Ranger Tiburtus + Panther is devastating on yellow titans and yellow bosses

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Yes he’s the no-brainer. Notsuko is pretty specialized in what she does, whereas Gravemaker is more general purpose. Side note, I totally spaced out and typed out that nickname by accident but thought it was funny enough to leave as is, lewl.

I think both should get there eventually, but given you have a maxed Ariel, Delilah doesn’t bring comparatively more to the table. Guinevere only affecting her flanks makes her more limited in what she does, so if you had no other 5* healer options, I would’ve gone with Delilah. But you do, so Guinevere with the mana hit is more versatile and can help keep her flanks up, especially if you’re fighting purple Titans or raid defenses. A Guin/Hel combo in a 3-2 stack should really rek any defensive strategy assuming they both fire, and it seems you decided to go with the raid offense priority, so Guinevere seems more suited to your specific needs. Delilah giving the minion hp buffer would be more important facing higher end Titans and on events, but you’re probably somewhat past the point of that mattering much.

Same as with the red, Lianna is more versatile. Morgan, to my understanding, is best just kinda tucked into a Wing on Raid/AW defense in the hopes of creating a last-man-standing holdout that can be really annoying to pry out if your attacker has a bad board, but Lianna being the one-shot queen is more usable in more scenarios.

Once again, we kinda come to the Titan v. Raiding scenario. The Cagey Burrito is far, far better in raids, but Panther will help far more with Titan damage. Kageburado doing the dispel BEFORE the strike is really the part that makes him shine, so he pretty much ignores all defensive buffs because they’re gone before he hits. He can cut through Ripostes, Defense ups, and anything else like butter, and being a Very Fast sniper is also amazing. Once again, depends on where you’re at when the 6th Tabard rolls around, but it wouldn’t hurt getting both of them to 3/70, so they’re ready when the last tabard lands, so you’re not waiting around forever, but given where you’ve gone thus far, I think the choice is obvious for you: The Cagey Burrito!

Broken record again, but Alasie is far better in raids. Frida is great, but she’s no Alasie as far as that goes.

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Thanks @MD-DC that was very helpful especially to see your rationale behind each decision. My decision to ascend Ariel & Hel first (instead of Frida & Panther) most more because at that point I had just made it into Diamond and was really struggling against all the Guin & Gravemakers there. Hel & Ariel have made my life a lot easier.

I do think that given what you have said, I will prioritise Panther and Frida first (over Burrito & Alasie) next to help improve my titan squad, although at the moment I’m low on both scopes & tabards.

I will definitely go with Lianna and Gravemaker.
I’m still definitely undecided with Guin vs Delilah. Everyone I speak to seems to make a good argument for one or the other. I will have to sleep on this decision.

Hi guys @Kerridoc @MD-DC just need some quick advice. Since the last time I posted (wow it was a month ago) things have progressed swimmingly. I have managed to max Gravemaker, Mitsuko, Delilah and Panther during that time. I just need some advice to make sure I make the correct decision. My priorities have been Titan hitting > Raid offence > Raid Defence.

Blue - I finally got my 6th scope today. The plan was to give it to Frida over Alasie but I managed to pull Athena this Atlantis. I have Kerridoc aka Wilbur maxed for titan business. Do I still give my scopes to Frida or does Athena take priority?

Green - I held off giving the tonics to Lianna/ Morgan mainly due to how consuming food was to max my other heroes. I have drawn Tarlak this Atlantis so I think he is a no brainer here for tonics.

Yellow - I chose to max Delilah over Guin last time around due to her overall usefulness for Raids and the fact my alliance doesn’t run yellow tanks. I am now at 6 darts and have Joon/ Inari/ Musashi/ Ranvir to choose from as well. I presume Joon gets the darts?

Purple - Burrito is getting all the love now. Then its on to Hel no.2.

Red - With Queen of Heart, Mitsuko and Gravemaker all maxed, I currently have no projects. I can choose from Azlar, Marjana, Anzogh or Khagan. None of them really excite me. I’m currently levelling a 2nd Boldtusk for wars. Would you work on any of them or wait for something more interesting to come round?

p/s Kerridoc it was an honour to duel you last week on Raids :slight_smile:

Nice problems to have!

  • Blue: If titan hits are top priority, then Frida still comes in first. Her -ice special stacks with Wilbur’s -defense to bring in great scores.
  • Green: agreed, Tarlak is superb versus Titans. Not bad at all in raid offense, either, especially once you can but an L23 mana troop with him.
  • Yellow: this is really tough. Ranvir is very, very good on titans and solid on offense, but Ranvir+Tarlak doesn’t make sense—you’d probably use Tarlak vs blue, green and yellow titans and Ranvir against red and purple. Inari is also a strong addition to a titan team, oth for her dodge and huge tile damage. Joon is a great all-arounder; paired with a Jackal+19, he’s a staple of my purple titan team and many offenses. I’d probably go with Joon, but there’s a solid case for either Ranvir or Inari.
  • Purple: yep
  • Red: Marjana or Azlar. Azlar shines in these Very Fast tournaments or situations where you can use mana potions. Marjana is a red Sartana and would give you a decent red sniper. But before spending rings, I might wait to see if Zimkitha, Red Hood, or the new Puss in Boots finds its way to,your bench.

Hi Guys. Its that time again to ask for advice as the game has been very kind to me with a glut of 4* AMs (12 in 6 days). I have most 4s maxed, and multiples of important ones like Rigard. To recap these are the following 5 heroes I have maxed:
Blue - Ariel, Frida
Green - Alberich, Tarlak, Lianna
Yellow - Delilah, Joon, Onatel
Red - Gravemaker, Mitsuko, Queen of Hearts
Purple - Hel, Panther

Who should I max next. As usual, my priorities are Titans > Offense > Defense.

Blue - Alasie, Athena, Miki, Magni, Isarnia
For me this is a toss up between Athena and Alasie. I already have Tarlak maxed so the gains of a maxed Miki is a lot less. I would like to know how much better my titan hits would be with a maxed Athena over a Wilbur. Otherwise, I would go with a fast sniper in Alasie, given that I am sorely lacking a fast hitter in blue.

Yellow - Poseidon, Inari, Ranvir, Vivica
As I already have Joon maxed, Poseidon seems less important. I feel this is a toss up between Inari and Ranvir. I am leaning towards Inari given her high tile damage. The only reason Vivica is in the debate is because her costume would essentially make her a yellow Kunchen for titan purposes with her defense down.

Red - Ares, Anzogh, Azlar, Elena, Red Hood
I think this is a no brainer in Ares? Or should I wait to give it to someone better?

Purple - Kage, Seshat, Kunchen, Sartana
This is a tough one. Kage is an amazing hitter but Kunchen is great as a defense down for titans AND would be an upgrade over Hel for our AW tanks.

Green - only 2 tonics so… no where near.

Any thoughs and discussion on this would be helpful! Ill stock up on ham in the mean time!

Bump. Any help? Also forgot to mention for Red i have Grazul as well.

Just my opinion: Alasie and Seshat. Yellow Inari. Probably Ares, but if I had him I would go Anzogh - controversial but I would love to raid with him BT and Wilbur


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