Leveling advice needed / comments wanted


another leveling questions i’m looking for advice from experienced players…:

roster (omiitting some maxed 3 stars…):


and mats…

running 2 TC 20… still hope to get Joon, Magni, Wu, Lianna, …

blue: after bringing Frida to 3.70 , continue with her to 4.80? ascend another blue from 3.60 to 4.70 or start with Boril? How about Kiril or Sonya? or wait till i get Magni from TC20… (if that ever might happen)

green: currently working on Brienne for events and raid tournaments… which green next?Melendor? Skittle?

red: currently bringing Marjana to 3.70. Marjana to 4.80 (when materials are available) or Sumitomo to 4.70? or start another Boldtusk? or none of these and wait for something else?

purple: currently bringing Ameonna to 3.60… then plan to bring Sartana to 4.80 (when materials are available)…is Ameona worth to bring to 4.70? or start with Sabina?

available maxed 3 star healers (used in wars) are: Belith, Hawkmoon and Friar Tuck.

suggestions, comments, advice is very welcome…

thanks in advance,


Definitely! She Is great and fight global warming!

I would go with healers first, they are useful for class trials and Alliance Wars.

Kiril. You are desperately short of healers. Six is a bare minimum, so each war team can have (at least) one. Kiril is a grade-A 4*, one i still regularly use on offense. His ability to flip both -attack and -defense ailments is powerful. Frida is a fine 5* when you have the mats, but get Kiril to 4/70 first.

Good call to finish Brienne; she’s a terror in 3*-capped events. Melendor next to get another healer and another dispel option.

Marjana is a quality 5*; definitely ring-worthy. While you wait for more blades and rings, I’d take your second BT to 3/60. If somehow you get to 8 blades before you have 6 rings, Sumitomo adds a nice sniper capacity to your bench. Colen would be interesting to add if he comes along; slow heroes are great in the very-fast raid tournaments.

Watch your item inventory! You’re only one tabard short of ascending Sartana, but you have no extra trap tools. I’d hold Ameonna at 3/60, then shift purple feeders to Sabina while you wait for that tabard. Again, more healers are urgently needed on your bench.

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Hi Kerridoc,

right now i use my Belith, Hawkmoon, Friar Tuck in wars in addition to my 4* healers. Sucess is so/so… sometimes they do pretty well (if board is good) sometimes they die too soon before they can heal… (but that might happen to 4 star healers as well with bad boards…) so i have 6 healers… 3 4* healers, and 3 3* healers. Does that change some of your advice?

Besides that thanks… i was leaning towards Kiril as well but some mates tried to convince me of Boril for attaks (not defense)… and i was unsure… Frida is nice already… so i think i can leave her at 3.70 for a while and start another blue 4* before ascending her…

i’m in doubt regaring Sabina / Melendor… they have quite some negative opinions here in the forums… (no doubts about Kiril …)



Boril is useful in some cases, particularly when facing a big AoE attacker. He saved my bacon early on in some monthly challenge events, e.g. facing Guardian Kong. I’m not a fan personally of riposte, as you have to take damage to inflict damage, but his recent buff does help. He’s a hero that I haven’t used in, hmm, maybe a year? You grow out of 4* riposte at some point, but it’s great for a middle period.

Kiril is better.

Those 3* healers might shift my advice if you had really great alternatives—say, Hansel and Tibertus. Skittles doesn’t excite me, and you’ve got no other 4* Dark heroes in the wings. The competition there is between Sartana to 80 vs. Ameonna to 70, and that call isn’t even close. Many love Ameonna, so she might get your second set of trap tools, after Sartana—but after Sartana.

ok… so if i got you right… for now:

1.) blue: Frida to 3.70 then Kirl to 4.70 and then Boril… (if no Magni appears…)
2.) green: Brienne to 3.50 then Melendor ?
3.) purple: Ameonna to 3.70 then start on Sabina until Sartana can move on… then Sartana to 4.80 before Sabina to 3.70…
4.) red: Marjana to 3.70 then start 2nd boldtusk to 3.60… is Sumitomo woth last ascension?
5.) yellow… continue Leo to 4.80…


thank you very much…

Yes, though I would take Frida to 4/80 as soon as you get the mats (after Kiril gets his capes), which may leave Boril at some random point in development. With 12 scopes, you can move ahead on Frida with confidence that, even if Magni arrives, you’ll be able to ascend him, too.

If you draw Wu, shift all yellow feeders to him. Leo is okay where he is but getting Wu to 4/70,ASAP will be a big help to your titans.

ok, thank you very much for your advice…

I second most of this. Forget about Ameona and Sumitomo though completely. You’ll realize later that you will never use them and by the time you finish the progression in this list you will have better things to work on. You may actually want Boril as a flank for Kashreck in tournaments restricted to 4*s.

People are crazy - Sabina and melendor both are spectacular on attack. Yes, they are fragile, but both have extremely high tile damage and having a dispel on a healer means you aren’t eating a riposte hit or wasting sniped damage (and I dislike Sonya and caedmon’s low damage.) Plus, take a step back and look at where the real mid-level tanks are - yellow and blue. You need that purple and green tile damage in your stack as a counter. I have 2 maxed sabinas and 2 at 3/70, only just got my first melendor and he is a priority.

okay, … will work on Melendor after Brienne, on Sabina when Ameona is on 3.60 and on Boldtusk when Marjana is on 3.70… Frida is now on 3.70 but haven’t ascended her to 4 for now… and will start with Kiril…

next morlovia i should have everything for Sartana for last ascension… Sartana to final ascenstion first before Sabina to last ascension? or like Frida / Kiril… Sabina first and then Sartana?

Morlovia is up!. And yes, Sartana first. Sabina heals perfectly well at w/60.

done and ascended Sartana… thanks again… :slight_smile:

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Hi Kerridoc,

i got a few new heroes so i need new advice:

Sartana and Leonidas are maxed.

Kiril is almost maxed. Frida is ascended and will be maxed after Kiril. I got Richard as well but i think he has to wait till Frida is maxed (maybe Magni jumps out of TC20 by then…)… what do you think of Richard?

Marjana is ascended and her way to 80.

Evelyn is ascended and on her way to 80 in parallel i bring elkanan to 3-70 i think…

question is on purple… i got tiburtus and have sabina both unlevelled… what do you think makes more sense to start now… healers i have now (kashhrek, kiril, rigard, boldtusk , and friar tuck, hawkmoon and beith all maxed and another boldtusk at 3-60. unleveled healers available… 2 sabinas and 1 melendor… 5 trap tools are available… and soon 6… so should i start with Sabina to have anohter healer and let Tiburtus wait… or should i start with Tiburtus and let Sabina wait…

and question on yellow i got a Li Xiu meanwhile and have her on 1-30ish… and pulled Guinevere today… so stop Li and put everything on Guinevere i guess? or finish Li first?

@Kerridoc: For now i started with Sabina and Tiburtus has to wait… Sabina all the way to 4.70? i have 317 emblems for her if i would ascend her… and i stopped Li Xiu and switched to Guin… goog choises or other recommendations.?

Thanks and regards,


  • Blues: Richard is a solid tank. On offense, paired him with Frida to deliver the power-blow behind her set-up shot. A Kiril + Frida + Richard blue stack would be highly effective in a 3+2 offensive lineup (which is my preferred raiding/war strategy).
  • Purple: I’d work on Tibertus now (or after you get Sabina to 3/70). While you can use either Grimm or Wilbur as your -defense on every titan, Tibs against holy titans provides a lot of value.
  • Yellow: Guinevere all the way. Li Xiu is a pale, 4* reflection of the Queen’s power. Li Xiu would be relegated to 4* Raid Tournaments (where she could be quite good), but Guin will be your defensive tank in raids and war for a very long time.
  • Red: Marjana :white_check_mark:
  • Green: Evelyn :white_check_mark: followed by Elkanen :white_check_mark: People hate a lot on Elkanen, but as the second in a duo behind Evelyn, he’s very effective. Put those two with the 3-blue stack I discuss above, and you’ve got a great raid team against the right foes.
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Hi Kerridoc,

thanks again for your advice.



still following your advice and enjoy all the benefits and outcomes so far…

Thank you very much again.

I do have another follow up question:

for the greens (all other colours are still and fine in levelling progress as suggested by you).

Evelyn will soon be maxed (she is at 71). Elk is stuck at 3-70 (no tonics available). Caedmon is at 4-70+10.

Other healers available: Boldtusk 4-70+13, Rigard 4-70+11, Kiril 4-70, Kashhrek 4-70, Sabina (soon 4-70 and i have 300+ embmlems for her), Boldtusk 3-60 and the maxed 3 stars: Hawkmoon, Belith, Friar Tuck.

Question: Should i start Melendor after finishing Evelyn?

Other green 4* heroes available: (all 1-1): Gadeirus, Skittleskull, Caedmon, Little John

Skittle could be interesting for class quests (only sabina from same class, no other 4 or 5 stars), Little John could be interesting for tournaments, Gadeirus as well fo tournaments… and he provides family link for protheus and triton… and of course Melendor as (just) another healer…or 2nd Caedmon?

what do you think… who should be the next green and why?

btw.: i got Gravemaker in last Atlantis and i thought he might be a good candidate after Marjana (and let 2nd willbur or boldtusk 3-60 wait… :wink: , Guinevere will soon be at 3-60 i’ll continue with Li Xiu then (since i can’t ascend Guinevere…

Thanks in advance,