Please, help me to decide some 5☆ ascensions

Hello everyone . This is my roster

Materials available

Tonics 16 (Im leveling Francine asap)
Darts 12(i was leveling Bai yeong, hes getting to 3.70)
Telescopes 5 (im close to get one more from POV)
Rings (5, i feel its coming soon)

Before you tell me something about having Grazul. I want you to know i cant charge her in 6 tiles because i dont have a red mana troop, so maybe Garnet could fit better the role advataging Mitsuko?

Thank you very much for the help!

Pd: which defense would you set up with the available 5☆ here?

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Purple : Keep your Tabard.
Yellow : I’m rooting more for Vivica / Rock. Cause they are the only Yellow Cleanse. And you got Joon max already.
Blue : I might say Skadi, as with new elemental Link HOTM (minion) and undead wars
Green : Well what choice do you have? :joy: Beside Francine is one of the best Seasonal Hero.
Red : I might go with Mitsuko. Eventhough you have Garnet which is really good, but you have Maxed Grazul to cover up for awhile. (Garnet with 3/70 still useful and can charge but Mitsuko 3/70 needs more time and tiles to charge might didn’t have any chance)

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I have been playing with Mitsuko and shes doing fine at 3.70(though is squishy, but the reflect works the same) . I have to say that i bring her only against 4200 teams at max.

Regarding Grazul. I cannot use her properly. As i cant charge her in 6 tiles shes never ready before tellu fires. And when she does its too late for the enemy team.
So thats why i think of Garnet, i dont need the red mana troop to charge her :thinking: plus shes a beasty healer and has a pretty decent tile damage. Any thoughts?

And in blue. I like Skadi although i find her a little niche. How i would love to have magni :sob: but i think that anyways shes my best option in blue right now.

I dont know when maxed but at 3.70 fenrir is a little dissapointing. And from thorne well he hits hard but is average :thinking:

I would level Skadi, Francine, and Mitsuko ASAP. I agree with you, since you can’t charge Grazul in 6 tiles, you could charge Garnet… but I’ve made due without high level mana troops, I know you can too. :slight_smile: I vote for Mitsuko over Garnet because of variety. Wish I had Garnet :stuck_out_tongue: congrats on some nice pulls!

Defense? I would go with an Ursena tank. Flanked by Joon and JF. Maybe Vela in the wings…


Hey stephen how are you doing? Thanks for your feedback :wink:

I have been very lucky this month with pulls and got Garnet and Francine .

What do you think about my yellow options? I thought about leveling Bai or Sif first and then keep six darts in case i pull something decent in next Valhalla

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Yep but Mitsuko provide you a better one. And she needs 10 tiles I guess with only 3/70 it’s hardly for her to survive.
3/70 Garnet still can charge with only 5 tiles.

That’s why I vote Mitsuko. And you won’t regret it as we have a lot of Beast Blue Hard hitter out there

For def.

Joon - JF - Ursena - Vela - hmm… That’s free one

Vela should be in Flank cause her Atk down to all enemy is useful. She should cast it asap.

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Maybe i should put Francine there once leveled? I have been using Elkanen there, however Francine has overall a better ability and special skill

I think it’s good. You can put her on the Right Wing cause she is not like direct Cleanse.
So doesn’t mind if she is in the right or left wings

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I’m doing well, thank you! Yourself?

I did get Francine, but no Garnet. I’m greedy, I want all the ninja heroes. :rofl:

A good 5* healer is important and Grazul doesn’t heal very much, so I can see maxing Vivica(I did). I don’t like Sif, personally. I don’t have Bai Yeoung maxed either, so I can’t speak from personal experience, but I do like my maxed Vivica(even before I got her costume). I would max either Vivica or Bai Yeoung.

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Skadi, Sif, Francine and mitsuko are the obvious choice…good luck

P.s. im a fan of Sif, ppl somehow understimate her but on offense she s a beast.
Vivica is a good alternative but since u dont have her costume i d still go with Sif

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I agree with this. I only maxed her cause I have BK, which is really good combo to face lots of sniper :joy::rofl:
Other than that I don’t use her at all.


I would say wait on purple. Francine is obvious. Mitsuko - it is so nice to see Finley crush himself ;). Sif in yellow. And Skadi in blue. Do one at a time. Maybe some other nice hero comes around changes your choice. First priority in my eyes is Francine.


Hey Pal!

Francine priority 1, you need green heroes first and foremost.

Next I think you’ll get most use out of Mitsuko

3rd would be Skadi over Fenrir for blue. I like Fenrir but Skadi is most suited for this META

4th Sif. Vivica wouldn’t be a bad choice having a true 5 star hero, but Sif is one of a kind to up your game

I’d leave the purples alone. Aeron is adaquate and Skadi will fill in for what Grimble is use for and do it much better.

Cheers my Friend!

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She doesn’t gallop across the screen on a goat though, does she? Huh? Huh? No, she doesn’t. And that is why my Grimble is next in line for ascension to at least 3.70. (That, and I don’t have Skadi :stuck_out_tongue:)

Purple: wait…
Yellow: Vivica, 5* healer plus cleanse does not hurt. I do not regret max her, even later I have Delilah, Lady Wool, Gullinbursti, etc…
Blue: Skadi, with later minion HOTM and war horde rule, he is so great
Green: the only one Francine best, congrats for the pulls.
Red: Mitsuko, she need to be sturdy at avarage. Gernet is fine I think at 3.70, very good pull.

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This really gets my goat! Here’s to a random Skadi pull!


Red definitely Mitsuko although garnet is awesome the charge release on ninja’s defense is completely random

Yellow roc is good but a solid 5* healer like Viv is awesome especially in very fast tournaments and soon wars

Purple I’d wait and see especially with new costumes coming out

Green I’d go with Francine but that’s just my opinion

Blue is tough Fenrir is a heavy hitter but skadi I’ve seen my alliance leader replace Fenrir with now and she absolutely devoured Tel team’s and war’s with undead hord

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