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Hi all, I’ve received such good advice from vets in the forum I thought I’d throw this one out there.

After ascending 35 4* heroes in order to be competitive in wars, I find myself wondering whether I should now move on to 5* heroes or continue to flesh out my 4* bench.

I have ascended most of the highly regarded 4s but have the following that I’m unsure whether to invest materials in:

Sumitomo, Valeria, Agwe, Frank, Ametrine, Colen, Skittleskull, Kelile, Cyprian, Gaderius, Hu Tao, Gobbler, Danzaburo, CoD, Ingolf, Sanngrior, Stonecleave and Shadereave.

Are there any on this list that you would recommend ascending before starting the 5* slog?

Ametrine is worthwhile

But with that many ascended fours, I would definitely be working on 5s conceptually, but it really depends on what you’ve got to ascend. If they’re worthy then yeah. If you shared the list I guess you’d get some feedback


Ametrine, frank, colen - the last two are monsters in rush wars and raids

Give us some of the 5 stars that you have in mind to level.

With that many 4 stars upped you would certainly be able to level 1x 5 star of each color.

Thanks to @Infinite I have already got my eye on Ariel and Cobalt for Ice, over Skadi, Glenda and Magni. Here are my options for the other elements:

Nature: Horghall, Lianna, Elkanen, Zocc, Frigg, Ratatoskr

Dark: Zulag, Alfrike, G. Panther, Hel, Domitia, Quintus, Sartana

Fire: Marjana, Elena, Khagan, BK, Tyr, Reuben, Isrod

Holy: Uraeus, Bai Yeong, Guinevere, Justice, Inari, Neith, Vivica

Like many others I’m focused mainly on wars and titans, making Guardian Panther an obvious choice. Not sure about the rest, though BK seems solid for war defence (my alliance has yet to adopt a uniform tank colour). I’ve got mats to ascend two of each color at the moment.

Holy crap, you’ve got some excellent heroes who you should definitely ascend. My top ones in each colour

Frigg then Lianna then Ratatoskr
Panther then Hel then Alfrike
BK then Isrod then Marjana
Uraeus then Vivica

Don’t leave Skadi too long, she is a killer

Edit and if you want a yellow defender and have the emblems Neith is good there, just not the best attacker


You’ve got enough 4* heroes. However, I’d recommend Ametrine as some players have mentioned above.

Regarding 5*, I’d max these following ones:

  • Purple: Guardian panther and Hel. Alfrike is a monster for fast mana wars and tournaments.

  • Yellow: Uraeus, to have a minion punisher. The other one… I don’t know what to say.

  • Blue: you already decided and I agree.

  • Green: Frigg. No need to say anything else. The second one could be Ratatoskr or Zocc (although he didn’t get so much love).

  • Red: Black Knight. A nightmare without a dispeller. Marjana would be a good option as well.

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You are definitely ready to work on 5s. Since your alliance doesn’t have a coordinated tank you have options. Your defense should be your first focus, then work on war teams after defense is leveled.

Something to maybe keep in mind is your are growing and might one day grow into a new alliance that can keep up with you, so purple/green/red are current tank colors for better alliances.

Fire: BK Marjana Tyr
Nature: Frigg Lianna Ratatoskr
Ice: Ariel Cobalt Skadi
Holly: Uraeus Bai Young Neith/Inari
Dark: Panther Hel Alfrike

Possible Defensive Lines (standard for war):
Hel Frigg BK Neith Cobalt
Frigg BK Alfrike Inari Skadi

Lot could change by the time you level up your 5s and the best bet is to have something in mind to shoot for. Setting up a good defense is a lot of testing if you cannot copy some of the top players (look at Top 100 lineups).

Also working on 5s doesn’t mean you have to quite 4s. I work on both at the same time. Feed 1* to 4s until they are closer to completion and 2* and up to 5s.

Some more good 4s for you are : Ametrine, Frank, Hu Tao, Colen

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I think autocorrect played a dirty on you there :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha! Thx…fixed

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That’s great advice from everyone, many thanks. It’s good to see that there is consensus regarding the first cab off the rank in each color.

I hadn’t considered working 4s and 5s simultaneously but might give it a go, always good to have the ability to stack in wars, and there seems to be some love out there for Ametrine, Frank and Colen.

I would also look at Gobbler - minions are becoming a big part of the game and his skill is very useful there

Don’t work on the 4* for a while in my opinion. Get two fives maxed in each colour, as you have some crackers, and then splice in some fours after that

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