War defence dillema

Recently I got some good heros and I’m making some changes in my war team. I was planning to use this team:

It will take me some time because I have to finish Morel and Senan (who isn’t in defence but is almost maxed).

I got Anton today, I know that he isn’t perfect reviver but I could max and emblem him much quicker than c.Horghall and use him until I max tree.

I would use Anton later in offence so it wouldn’t be wasted time.

  • Use Anton until c.Horghall is maxed
  • Ignore Anton and max c.Horghall first

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When you say max horghall are you talking about only maxing the costume or regular version too?

Both, I want to emblem him so I will max basic version first.

Plenty here is not exactly ideal, are there any other 5* options?
What’s your 4* bench?

Jean-Francois is really a flank, not a wing for starters - he’s there to protect you from defence debuffs, blue stacks and to deal moderate DoT… All of which requires more regular special casting than a position on the wing would give you.
That said, I prefer both Morel and Roostley as flanks rather than wings too… Hence asking the question about options…


Those are my other 5*/4* options

And some 4* S1 snipers like Caedmon/Kelile


Are you tied to any particular colour for a war tank?

I originally assumed you already had regular Horghall maxed but if you have to level both that’s going to take a while.

Given what you’ve got for green I would consider a non rainbow defense. I’d be more fearful of Akkarog on that D. He may not always hit three, but with limit breaking I’d think he’ll do more than say Poseidon.
I’m naming Holy heroes since it looks like you’re going with a dark tank.

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@Ruskin505 is right, my alliance is running purple tanks currently.


I put use Anton first with the hope you’ll get a better defensive green than C Horghall

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