Advice needed for war defense

Hey guys I’m looking for suggestions on my war defense. My alliance currently runs green tanks. I am currently running costume Horghall as my tank. I am leveling up Kadilen and costume and probably going to run her costume as tank eventually. With that in mind, what do you think would be my best current war defense and my best possible war defense with my options. I would like to have one class per spot, but it’s tough because all my healing heroes are monks. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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First question, does your alliance coordinate tank colours?!

Thanks! And yes we run green tanks.

You have 2 options: Brynhild or Horgall, I´d choose the first if you are one of the strongest players of your alliance, that means that your enemy will struggle to kill her and probably get some 0 scores. If not, go for Horgall.

I´d play Gazelle, Athena, Horgall, QoH and Freya.

I am in the low middle of my alliance as far as strength… the problem wit that suggestion is that Gazelle horghall and freya are all druids. I am looking for different emblem class for each spot so I can put all emblems on defense.

He’s asking in the long run though. Costume Kadilen is the clear number one. I prefer to meet Telluria most of the time since I like to know how a battle will go. With kadilen there it disqualifies Freya.

I would probably not change much and go with CRigard, Athena, CKadilen, QoH, Joon.

A few run decent defenses with Guardian Gazelle. She’s my favorite hero to meet on defense, a terrible choice when the ones attacking you are stronger.

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Then, in long term, I´d go for Jade as tank. I know she is a monk but If you want to put different classes on your team you will have troubles assembling a team.

I also think that freya will be important in zombie wars.

Notice that if you have a high TP team but with lower quality you will give more easy points to the enemy.

Costume Kadilen isn’t low quality though. If she has a decent mana troop you kinda have to cast through that buff. And if you miss they get a minion, which is a huge difference. The ninjas are pretty though but hopefully you don’t let it charge to the third level since that would suck. But even then if you need to cast you will just probably miss, the situation doesn’t get worse. And if you let Jade cast on first or second charge you can always choose to cast on someone without the buff.

Costume Kadilen can also be put anywhere, she’s really the most viable on that defense. If the meta changes away from green she can still be put in the slot where no other hero on the team would perform very well.

I kinda like Freya too but I had higher hopes for her when I got her. A hero optimized for one war will only shine every 3rd week (once we get the 3rd very fast buff).

Thanks for the input everyone. I just pulled Glenda on a 10 pull. So I think I’ll run something like this eventually
Rigard, Glenda, C Kadilen, Vanda, Joon

Any thoughts?

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