What green to Level?

I am wondering what green hero I should level next, if one at all.

I have Kadelin, Elkanen (& costume), Horghall (& costume) and Atomos.

I already have leveled, Tarlak, Evelyn, Ratatoskr, Lianna and Bertila.

Out of all those heroes I’d probably choose Atomos. Even though C. Horghall can be also pretty annoying…
But Atomos’ revive can be really helpful in tank-position.

I vote Atomos as well. When they rebalance him, they really made him a great hero

Thanks! I have other tanks, none of the top tier ones, but other good ones. I’m kinda thinking about an offensive hero, or one that pairs with one or more of the other greens I have. I basically was down to Atomos, C.Elkanen or doing nothing. I haven’t seen C.Horghall in action, so I didn’t realize he was a defensive option.

I think a Elk when paired with Evelyn could be quite effective, particularly with costume bonuses. It is nice to go Ev Elk Lianna, for one, possibly two kills at fast speed

Another vote for Elk and his costume, too. Him and Evelyn would be a nice pair.

Elkanen Costume or Atomos if we have Troop lvl 23 (or Troop lvl 17 and plan to give +19 mana node).
Both are great… goodluck.

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