Next Nature Hero

With Shrikewood this week, I’ll have my next set of tonics and a decision to make. I have the following nature heroes ALREADY maxed:
–Lady of the Lake

I have the 3 heroes waiting at 3/70 as well:
–Costumed Elkanen

On the surface, it seems obvious to choose Zeline, but I know Elkanen becomes pretty great when paired with Evelyn and I have about twice as many emblems I could give him as I do for Zeline. Atomos is also in the running because he gives me someone who hits everyone, which I lack in nature (Zeline also does this but hits for quite a bit less).

I’m certainly leaning towards Zeline, but I wanted to hear from anyone who might have more than one of these heroes maxed and could provide their opinion.

Thanks in advance.

You are not mistaken to choose Zeline over Atomos and Elkanen.


Zeline brings the most to the table here. All three work well with Eve, with the other two offering some damage upside, but Zeline has so much more utility and will be excellent even without the damage boost from Eve.




Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I finished Shrikewood today and ascended Horghall.

Ok, I actually picked Zeline. Thanks again for confirming my originally choice!

So far I have leveled Heimdall, Margaret, Lianna+Cos, Kadilen, Telluria, the Hatter, Mother North for nature heros. I have enough tonics to level one more nature hero? Who should I ascend next?

Evelyn, Bertila, Kingston, Ratatoskr, Atomos, Jade, Yunan, Lady of the Lake, Guardian Chameleon, Francine, Tarlak, Morgan Le Fay, Zocc, Lady Locke, Elkanen, Horghall+Cos, Dup.Kadilen, Dup.Heimdall, Dup.Telluria, Dup.Lianna+Cos…

You already have plenty of nature healing, a sniper, a tank, and some AE damage, so personally, I’d be choosing between the best support heroes. That would be either Evelyn or Tarlak. This is especially true if you’re fighting higher level titans and you find those 2 heroes are dying too quickly.

If that isn’t the case and they’re surviving fine (and you can use Almur for green stack), then I’d consider MLF for raiding/war or Ratatoskr for titans.

Overall, I’d say even with Almur+18 in my roster, I use Evelyn as much as any hero I own.

Thanks, that is who I decided on, working on Evelyn & Tarlak, I already ascended Evelyn to the 4th tier, working on getting Tarlak to 3/70 but its going to probably be awhile until I acquire 6 more tonics