Bertila, Atomos or Elkanen?

first of all I’m F2P and playing since December.
I just got my sixth Tonic and have a dilemma which one to ascend.
My initial plan was Bertila, but week ago I pulled Killhare. So, both of them is fighters and there is not enough emblems. The other two options is cElkanen or Atomos.
My fifth 5* is blue - Misandra … and again fighter.

My 4* are:

Chao +18
Danzaburo 3/60

Cyprian 3/60
Rigard 4/47
Fura 3/60
Sabina 1/1
Stonecleave 1/1

Boldtusk +18
Gormek 3/60
Colen 3/60

Little John 3/60
Skitellskul 1/1

Grimm 4/53
cSonya 1/1
Jott 1/1


I would, for fighter emblems, invest in Killhare, and for ascending a green, i would say Atomos.

Atomos can be annoying when he revives. Elkanin can be a decent tank, and his defense can hit well into the 900s, near 1k. I find Atomos more annoying than Elkanin, but it’s your decision on ascending.


I would go with Elkanen, as you don’t have a fast green hero.

In each colour you have heroes with basic abilities (attack up and defense down).

Killhare in purple, Chao in yellow (although he doesn’t get so much love,) Boldtusk for the boost attack in red and Grimm for the defense down in blue.


I second Elkanen because of the costume bonus. I’d probably vote Elk +costume bonus over Lianna too and she’s basically the ideal attainable nature five star hero for f2p.


I’m going to echo these two smart people. Killhare deserves every single fighter emblems out there…that damn rabbit is that good. Knowing that I’d do C Elk, mainly due to the fast mana, and with the costume bonus …she can charge faster with a fairly low level mana troop.

Best of luck!

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Elkanen pairs very well with Almur, who, as a 4*, is a hero you could reasonably pull during Valhalla.

As an addendum, I had this exact choice a couple of months ago and chose Bertila, but I don’t have Killhare to compete for emblems. I have 5 tonics again and will be choosing C.Elkanen over Atomos.

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