Building my Defense Team

Hey everyone,
I’m looking for some help on building my best attack team but more importantly, my defense team. Below are my top 10 characters and a picture of my current defense team. I seem to be losing alot when I have been raider. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Honestly, defense is probably the least important aspect of the game, so I wouldn’t get too hung up on losing. Saying that, I think I see the problem.

First off, I would never run a slow in the wings unless it’s Alby/MN because that doesn’t give them sufficient enough chances to charge and be useful. Typically, I’d suggest putting fasts in the wings. Move Isarnia to left flank, and Marjana to the wings. Also, I would work on getting Tarlak out of defense; he is super squishy, but then again, you don’t have many other options. Also, you don’t want to run those two healers on the same side; it makes it much easier for your opponent to throw dead tiles that way.

Specials move from left to right, so you’ll want cleanses, dispels, buffs and defense downs on the left, so Isarnia should stay left flank. Tank, you want someone who’s beefy in defense and/or health, that either hits fast/hard/ails bad or someone that helps their flanks do the same, so Justice is your best option. Flanks, I would run wreak havoc heroes, like Isarnia, because they have the biggest impact on the success of the battle, and you definitely want them going off.

Now with your leveling, I’d focus on maxing all of these heroes you’ve started on. The leveling is fairly scattered, so your team isn’t as strong as they could be. Focus on taking one hero in each color to max, or the mat wall, at a time. Their stats continue to increase as you level them, therefore they will live longer and do more damage.

With the heroes you have leveled now, I would do:


I don’t like Rigard on the right, but I’d rather Tarlak buff and Isarnia lower defense first. The cleanse first would only be helpful if there’s lowered attack ailments, or silences and such. Don’t like having an average mana healer in the wings either (fast snipers work the best), but for now that’ll have to do.

Honestly, I would start working on a couple of 4* in each color before bothering with the 5* unless you have the mats to take them to 80 (or you’re close). 4* have better stats than 5* until 5* reach 4T, so they’ll last longer on defense. Plus, they’re cheaper and quicker to level, so you’ll have more leveled in the same amount of time.

Hopefully that helps. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask :blush:


I would still switch Rigard with Marjana

And run two healers in the wings? I don’t like that, you want at least one healer to go off in order to heal the team before they die. By the time an average speed healer gets to go off in the wings, one of their allies might already be dead. Idk, that’s just my thoughts on it.

Plus, at least this way, Rigard should hopefully cleanse any ailments like lowered attack before Marjana goes off.

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I think I know what you’re thinking though, because running two slows up front with another average isn’t too great, but idk about putting all of the firepower up front without any utility. Idk, could try both :blush:


Good ideas

If i take it to my team i think like this

I have justice too as my tank flanked by boldtusk to give him attack bufft and heal and magni on the other side as a shield.

On the rear i was wondering between elkhanan hansel as green and rigard or tibertrus as purples.

Or just put Frida to complete magni or wilbur to add sone buffs…

For now it’s this:

Not enough hitters and all of them on the right.

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Changed to elkhanan and put him on the orher side

I thought maybe switch Tibertrus with rigard but decided not to

Lets check out what happens in the war…

I would not change Rigard but change BT instead to a red hitter if you have one.