Which Heroes to get rid of and Defense Team help needed!

Hi there,

My Hero Roster has lots of Heroes which I most likely will never use. However I am not sure which ones I can savely get rid of. This is where I need your help:

  1. Which Heroes can savely been sacrificed when it comes to Tournaments, Raids and challenge events?`

  2. Which would be your favourite Defense Team if you had my Heroes?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and tips!


  1. Carver, Azar, 2nd Belith, 2nd Valen (if you plan to chase 2nd Gato in the next atlantis), 2nd Berden
  2. Domitia - Joon - BT - Kingston - Triton

Correct me, Challenge events seem to require you to stack a single element against the resisted damage to complete and get a good score. Therefore in the absence of a full set of rare, epic or legendary heroes of the same color you should keep duplicates and level up. Especially fast mana ones.

Keep all your 4 * and 5* and use the rest to feed your new smaller rooster :slight_smile:

Yes… worth duplicate for challange event.

Rare Event Challange

Red: Rudoplh, Namahage, Hawkmoon Costume 1x
Blue: Ulmer 1x, Gato
Green: Muggy, Brienne 1x
Yellow: Melia, Bane
Purple: Baltazhar

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In terms of 3* the best elements for challenge events are blue/red/green mono teams. Tourneys vary by what elements and modifiers are allowed each tourney.

That said, for challenges I am keeping:
2 Gatos/Namahage/Rudolph/Brienne (1costume1 regular)
1 Ulmer, Valen Karil, Jahangir, Berden, Mnesseus, Isshtak. If I can snag 1 or 2 squire Wabbits they will be added to this. That covers those mono teams.

Aside from those, for tourneys and fillers to make different teams as well as complete a mono in all colors I am keeping:
2 Balthazar/Pixie
1 Tyrum, Chochin, Gill-Ra, Melia, Bane, Kailani, Gunnar, Hisan, Belith, Shrubbear, Hawkmoon and the 2 Nashgars I already maxed before I could replace them with Rudolph.

And just for sheer fun I am maxing a muggy team #DoYouEvenMuggyBro and 1 Vodnik/Bauchan just to see how those event 3s work.

4s and 5s my rule is simple, keep 2 dupes max for grade A heroes like Grimm/Pro, 1 dupe for other important ones like healers etc, and 5s 3 max regardless of who the hero is. Feed the rest.

Just to be clear about the approach for duplicate Rares, how many of these should I keep then?

@Chero based on your current roster, for the 3s I would max

Purple: 1 Chochin, Gill-Ra, Tyrum, 2 Balthazar.

Yellow: 1 Melia, Bane Pixie

Blue: 2 Gato, 1 Ulmer, Valen, Karil

Green: 2Berden, 1 Mnesseus, Isshtak, Belith, Shrubbear, Muggy

Red: 2 Nashgar, 1 Jahangir, Namahage, Hawkmoon

I believe in just keeping 1 original of any unique hero you pull (never know when a buff/nerf will happen), but if you don’t want to do that feed all the other 3s.

As for 4s I simply keep 1 dupe of each healer, 2 dupes of specialty heroes. 5s I keep 3 max regardless of who the hero is. But seek other opinions on this Part.


If you want to rank in rare events, you will need to max some dupes/other heroes you don’t have yet, but you have a ranking blue mono team right now so that’s good. The others will at least get you set up with a couple mono teams and heroes in each element to compete and complete tourneys/events.

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