Building around Ariel as Tank?

From what I read on the forum, she doesn’t regarded highly as a tank, but what kind of team would you build around her, if she is the best option you have. She will be my first max 5* blue btw.

What I have:

5*: Kingston +6, Ariel(3/1, in prgress) Isarnia 3/70, Evelyn 3/70, Jabberwock 3/45 (missing 1 tabard), Sartana 2/60, Kadilen 2/60, Leo 2/60, Guardian Kong 2/1, Grimble 1/1

4*: Have all S1 heroes and most of S2.
Max and Emblemed one’s are:
Blue: Grimm +11, Kiril +1
Purple: Rigard+11, Proteus+7, Sabina +7
Green: Caedmon +7,
Yellow: Li Xiu +10
Red: Scarlett +10, BT +4 and just got Wilbur, maxing him asap.

I am quite certain of maxing Jabberwock next, but rest of the defence is still a question mark. All suggestions for levelling and setup are welcome!

Boldie Li Ariel Scarlett Proto

I guess I need to update the first post, because no way you saw Kingston+6 and choose not to put him on :smiley:

Boldtusk - Kingston - Ariel - Jabberwock - Li Xiu

If you were to get red heroes as Gravemaker/Jean-François or Drake Fong your defending team would become very scary and could become like this:

Kingston - Ariel - Jean-François - Drake Fong - Jabberwock


Thanks FraVit93,

I also feel like they would be game changers. I will pull for JF in Feb, but no idea when Drake is coming back. I used most of my coins and gems this month already while chasing Guardian Jackal / Falcon and Atlantis 5* especially Kunchen. So low chances anyway, but I got Ariel + Wilbur, so still worth it I guess :smiley:

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Very worthy, they are both very good heroes :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of playing around with:




I have Drake too. He flanks my Yurple tower D.

Anyway. I have Aegir 3/70 but I’m also leveling Miki and Richard is next. I have 7 scopes and TWO times. So I only get one to max. So Ariel tanking at +7 will do for now.

I’m hoping Graz fires and boosts Ariel with HP to fire and Marj gets a 4 turn mana boost along with Graz. Those two could get painful on their own and a green stack for Ariel won’t help you.

Do you have to go blue tank for war?

Kingston can certainly tank as well, arguably better than Ariel at low emblem levels imo.

Jabberwock is an absolute beast, sounds like a great choice to do next. Imo he’d make a better tank than Kingston or Ariel

Grazul is an amazing offensive hero, but underwhelming on defense. She requires timing which doesn’t happen w/ AI. I think a good team that will work until you can ascend the rest is:

Kingston, Boldtusk(Kong), Ariel, Li Xiu(Leo), Jabberwock

Kong gets grief in the forums, but he’s likely to fire twice as flank, and that’s some good damage.

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How do you figure that Kong (at average) is likely to fire twice on flank?? He would be lucky to fire once IMO.

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Yeah that seemed extremely ambitious to me too. Just faced a Kong flank myself today. He didn’t fire once.

Reviving my old thread with an update. Pulled Delilah today and I wonder she could find a place in this defence in raids or war. We are running blue tanks so Ariel is there to stay. Del looks solid for defence but 2 healers might be too passive. What do you guys think?

I would never use 2 healers on defence, especially if neither adds anything significant on offence.

I personally do not rate Ariel at tank but if you are forced to ( such as an alliance war color ) then you should play to her strengths. She gives a significant mana boost so your focus should be on firing your heroes asap and making it so that of they do fire that you should be winning the raid.

Not knowing what levels your heroes are but based on what I can see I would surround her with big hitters :

Eve - Jabberwok - Ariel - Kingston - Scarlett

The double greens will entice the attacker to bring red which is weak against your Ariel. Jabberwok and Kingston should fire early in your fights which will spell some serious trouble. Eve and Scarlett are fast hitters and will complement eachother and Jabb with mutliple targets.

Obviously you will want to replace scarlett with a 5* hitter at some point. You would want that hitter to be either Holy or Fire. Another blue or green would be quite the liability, A second dark mill push people to bring holy as their off color while you want them to bring red. Marjana would be a good example.

Delilah could fill that right spot in a war situation as extra healers are viable in wars. Normal raid defense I wouldn’t try it though. Rule of thumb is just to not drop healers in the corners. I track my raids and can tell you that my win % against teams with healers in the corner are significantly better ( this is again only considering normal raids )

Hijacking the thread a little bit.

I just finished maxing Ariel a few min ago and intend to use her as tank as well since my alliance uses bluet tanks. Currently my setup looks like this:

Triton, Gadeirus, Ariel, Wilbur, Proteus which with emblems/troops at current level puts me on 3843 TP. I thus quite heavily rely on heavy defense boost from the atlantis family and Wilbur.

This setup, I’ve been using also for raids for a while and I’m quite comfortably around 2200-2300 cups without being to active and normally manage to finish my raid chest in diamond league.

Ariel is my first 5* so I do not have many options yet. However, I have some upcoming 5* - Lianna on 4/16 and Sartana on 3/58. I’m also working Neith which is on 3/63, but I think my defence could benefit more from a fast hard hitter than an average aoe. Mats to max all of them are prepared.

Now to my question: Would you replace Proteus with one of those, and in that case which one?

I’m thinking he’s not that great on defence as the AI does not use his special in the best way necessarily. Now, Lianna would be nice because it encourages more red on the attacking team which would be ineffective against Ariel. But Sartana would mean more diversification on my defense + poison which is always nice.

So, what do you guys think?

In your situation I would indeed replace Proteus with Sartana (once maxed), but I would especially replace Gadeirus with Lianna.

As generally said, 2 healers is not a good setup and your team definitely lack of attack. Gaderius, especially with his slow mana, is not usefull at all if you have a maxed Ariel IMO. So Lianna will had punch to that team.


Thanks for the answer!

You don’t think that the defence will go down a bit too much if I replace both Proteus and Gadeirus then? Would go from +15% defense to +5%.

Also, if I do switch both of them away, should I really go for both Sartana and Lianna, and not Neith then? That would mean 3 snipers in total. I imagine Neith would be quite nice too even if she’s not fast mana as Ariel boosts it. Also, I guess Neith combos good with Wilbur.

Congrats with Ariel, I am super happy with mine. She is +7 now and actually keeps me in diamond most of the time. With Lianna, Sartana and Neith your defence will definitely get more dangerous. Atlantis bonus is nice, but maxed 5* heroes make up that difference rather easily imho.

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Thanks. I guess I will have to try it out when my 5* heroes are maxed and see how it works. Must say I’m happy with the team I have until then though. Rarely loose too cups when not logged in.

From 10-ish attacks overnight, I lost in total 6 cups as so many failed attempts where made. At least I will find it easy to hover around diamond until the other heroes are maxed :slight_smile:

The family bonus is often forgotten by players, including myself. Indeed a +15% buff to the defense might make a difference, but not as significative as a maxed Lianna. This girl has quite some punch!!!

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People kind of say she’s not an ideal tank but if she fires…you are in trouble with the mana boost. So expect the green stack. I’ve had some success with Grazul left flank and Marj at right but that only leaves three hitters. Now I’m trying synergies with others. She’s +9 right now and +10 is going to be a huge boost. I like her at tank. Fighting her in raids or war is brutal.

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