White Rabbit or Ariel? Who get the Cleric Emblems

So I have Ariel with Emblems(10) so far but I just pulled White Rabbit and he’s a beast. I’m trying to decide who should I give the 20 emblems to? I have plenty of healers but Ariel is the best IMO but White Rabbit has the defense down which is great to have. I would love to hear so opinions. BTW my healers are 2 Vivica Costumes, Kunchen, Telluria, Anzogh, and Aegir all maxed. My Yellow heroes are Joon, Malosi, Drake, Leo, Poseidon, Bai Yeong and Ranvir all max. These are my 5*.

If you use Ariel in your defense, focous on her first. Otherwise i would split Emblems in general like this:

+7 to all relevant 5* in that class
Unlock +8 on all of them

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Tough call.

Ariel with emblems survives longer on offensive use, she’s naturally not so durable. I myself put emblems in her to make sure that she doesn’t die before firing (but then, I am using Ariel as my healer in literally every offensive raid as I raid 4-1, full mono on blue). Ariel is NOT a hero I would use for defense at all.

White Rabbit has his place in defense normally, but I see you have quite a selection of yellows, with Drake being definitely superior. For offensive use, any extra damage and survivability would be useful, as for any other damage dealing hero.

If I faced that dilemma, I would stick to Ariel. Reason for that is - I use her all the time, for every raid. Rabbit I would only use in yellow stacks against purple tanks… which are not that many at the moment. Not sure what your raiding habits are, and whether that is your way of playing.


Thanks a lot for your reply. I thought about that but Ariel defense is pretty low for the teams I face in Diamond. I think she needs the emblems for shield and health.

Great points and I agree. Ariel is the fastest of the 5* healers I have and the mana generation is great too. I use Ariel all the time too unless play mono but that’s rare. I think I might go with Ariel. You mentioned Drake. You think he’s better then Joon or White Rabbit?

I don’t have Drake, despite hunting for him for a long time. I may be biased as he’s my most desired-but-not-owned hero, but I think he’s best yellow hero there is, especially for defense.

Raiding in diamond and current meta since forever, he’s definitely the one that causes me most trouble. The only one that would be comparable is Joon in costume. Rabbit never caused me too much trouble when he’s on defense. Joon is just vanilla choice, I used him myself and still use him on wars (next to Killhare, GM, Telluria, Vela), I feel he just holds me down. Of course he’s better than many other yellows, but I wouldn’t place him among top choices.

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I use WR on my raid def and he helps keep me in diamond 2600-2700 consistently. I have him at +18 and it’s been every bit worth it. But I also have 2 HoT heroes on my def so I don’t need Ariel for raid def. I think it would depend on your healing options for your raid def??? Ariel kicks ■■■ as well so if she fits your def better then so be it. Really you can’t lose with either imo.

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Ufff tough call. I can chose between C-Joon, Poseidon and Drake. With GTV-Mid i found that direct snipers or Musashi work best as they all hit harder then Drake.
Of course it also depends on your purple choices on the other side. Killhare/Jabberwock+Drake will propably work better then Killhare+/Jabberwock + C-Joon.

As i only can chose between Obakan and Khiona on that spot i use a 2nd red in Marjana along Joon cause an all-in multihitter strategy is not possible for me. Obakan+Drake would be way weaker.

Who are your HoT heroes if you don’t mind me asking?

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I had Drake with the emblem in the past but he doesn’t hit hard. Drake is great on defense through.

I am ascending Drake at the moment on third stage lvl 50ish

He hits 3 times harder then vela with 10 emblems :smiley:

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You need 50 cleric emblems to activate the stat buffs and 65 cleric emblems to activate the talent nodes. Personally, I would share those emblems.

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I don’t have Vela. I wasn’t lucky enough to pull her.

Sure he is great! Heis on the highest Powerlvl but imo there are other yellow heroes on the same powerlvl which work better in different situations. Drake is best at flank due to his blindeffect. On the wings though damage is more important then effects on my opinion and thats why i would rate him A- there while C-Joon or others would have an A or A+.

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Tell at tank and Marie Therese as flank. Between the two my team has enough healing so WR is my go to cleric. In addition, WR also has the best single target def down in game imo.

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Disclaimer: I dont have Rabbit. However, I think that he would be most useful in a yellow stack.

I do have Ariel (x2) and she is on EVERY raid. I usually do 4-1 and Ariel is my off color healer. Or if 4-1 Blue stack, on color healer.

Given the above, as I use Ariel almost all the time, I would prioritize her emblems. In your case, which one do you find yourself using more?


I just gave the emblems to Ariel because she will be used the most. Thanks a lot for everyone replies it helped me.

All done!


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