Break limit 5* red hero

Who should I break the limit? Grave maker, lady loki or baldur?

All are worthy in my opinion. So to be honest break limit the one that best suits your play style…… Which hero do you use most?


Grave maker and lady loki have me in defense in raids. Grave maker in war always except for a very fast war

I’ve seen a GM limit break and hits close to 900 attack

Depends on your def strategy. If you have healers and minions go Baldur, if you have many DoTs go Grave, if you lack a cleanser go Loki.

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I’m tempted to LB Baldur because I have Lidenbrock and she’s likely to receive the first round of Yellow LB.

Baldur has pretty high attack at 19 plus the pierce, and with LB he would be somewhere near 1k attack.

Anyone advise against this?

That would solidify him in your green titan attack (if you don’t use him there, you definitely should with LB). I use him in offense paired with Wilbur and in that scenario the extra attack would have a decent impact. I think it is a fair choice.

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Next after 5 mounth Baldur!