Who should I Limit Broken?

  • Lu Bu
  • Dark Lord
  • Bera
  • Freya

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I have C Killhare and guardian panther LB. Should I wait for a better purple or should I LB the ones that I have?

Freya if you have her costume, Dark Lord if you do not.

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I would agree with you 100%. However, I don’t have C Freya.

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good evening everyone, I would choose the dark lord, only because lu bu is slow (with emblems on mana and high mana troops he recovers something), but if you associate panther with his elemental lowering and lu bu does a lot of damage, with the possibility that 3 enemies they are killed and 2 more with demons that do them damage and absorb the healing

All great heroes. I would Limit break the ones I use the most…

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game well :sunglasses:


That is exactly why I am struggling with. Lu Bu has great specials but slow. LB will make him last longer maybe so, he has better chance to fire his special.

However, DL is a little bit fragile without LB.

I guess that DL has an edge this time.

They are both situational based on my roster. Hard to decide! Thank you all for your feedback.

I would go Dark Lord because his hit is insane, but really you can’t go wrong here. If you find yourself enjoying using one over another, go with that one.

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Does anyone has LB dark lord status to share?

I have him limit broke. I split his emblems between defense and attack. His attack is 972, defense at 844 and health at 1649. I have already limit broke Freya - don’t have the other two. But between Freya and DL I’d go DL. I use him in my standard Defense team and most raids. Can’t go wrong with him.

Thanks! I went full attack path with emblems. So, I may expect over 980 attack, 820 ish on defense and low 1600 for health.

I used EP toolbox and got DL stauts
With 20 talent node on attack + LB

attack: 1001
Defense: 842
Health: 1572

Pretty awesome on both attack and defense as a sniper

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