Which Red Heroes to Limit Break and Alpha Limit Break

Hi Fellas :wave:,
I m stuck in a dilemma which heroes to limit break and alpha limit break especially my red ones.

  1. Current Maxed Heroes : Torben, Phenexa and Barkley , Xiaotu
  2. Current LB tier one heroes; Hathor, Brimstone,
    So wish to know your thoughts which heroes to limit break and alpha limit break (if any)
    Do appreciate in advance for your kind feedback :slightly_smiling_face:
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Of those brimstone and Hathor are ideal for alphas. I’d like to know the thoughts of those with Torben.



Any consideration for Torben on limit break but refrain from Alpha LB?

Brimstone and Hathor are definite musts for alpha. Phenexa, imo is good for level 85.
Torben I’m torn on. I alpha broke him. Fast, marks the target and times with any other special is a guaranteed elimination and his stats are through the roof: his upfront dmg is meh (typically around 599dmg @209%) but leaves dd on target. Problem is there’s a lot of dodging and a lot of immunity heroes out there right now that stops him in his tracks making him useless till you find the right window and by then it could be too late to make a difference.
I’d still probably dbl break him but I think that’s OCD. Lol. No OCD I’d give the alphas to Hathor first (healers always need to be a priority if you want to see the end of the fight)- then brim- then torben.

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No regrets giving Hathor LB2. Also she didn’t receive those stats boost that came with the ‘big update’. She’s the glue of both my offense and defense. Gestalt I’d lb2’d and with Brimstone on his way.

@FreeRP @Echo11 I seriously appreciate both of your views and will alpha break Hathor.
@FreeRP did you use Hathor during the league? Was it good?

I have phenexa 2lb and she’s great but honestly don’t notice that much difference from her being at 85

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I have Brimstone at 1LB. I have Xiaotu at 2LB. Done before the Goblins became a thing.

She’s crucial to my Defense and Offense lineups and will only enter a battle without her if none of the opponents have minions.

Brimstone doesn’t factor into my current Rainbow Attack strategy. If I were still running 2-2-1, I’d have him 2LB’d.

If I had Hathor when she was running amok during the S5 run, I would have 2LB’d her. Now, I wouldn’t do that. I have Phenexa and she has usefulness, but she’s not a long-term game changer in the current environment. She’s used frequently in War, but never for Raids. Occasionally, she’s used in Events.

If you use 3-2 or 2-2-1, I’d recommend 2LBing Brimstone at this point.

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I’d used her all through out the league. Unfortunately she doesn’t have cleanse but… But being fast mana plus bonus mana along her talent tree. I’m either running her with lvl30 mana or Styx troops. Don’t over look her passives and family bonuses. For offense during the league I typically went Hathor, Gestalt.Ghealach,Frond. alternated between Hachiko and Hurricane. So a pretty strong line up. Some real monster defenses in the league especially towards the end. Hathors card reads pretty basic and straight forward. Immunitys a big deal these days as there’s a lot coming @ you. Then half the time we don’t even know what the ailment is…and nevermind figuring out where it’s coming from!

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Hathor → Brimstone → Torben, same as @Echo11 said, honestly.

I think Hathor is 100% your best bet to start with for obvious reasons.

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Torben is great but better with Carmenta. It’s a kill 3 duo. Wish I had Hathor. She’s a no-brainer. Question for those who have Gestalt and Brimstone… Who’d you pick first? Have mats for one ATM.

yeah i am leaning towards what seems to be the majority and Hathor first…

who would you all LB2 first between Ukkonen, Brimstone and Barkley? and who to LB2 first between those three and Thalassa?

sorry i meant lb1 first between Brimstone Ukkonen and Barkley

Find that with Gestalt his first charge is ‘often’ enough to get through taunt or alpha taunt. His hits are random so they count as individual hits (helps when the taunter has withstand). His DD stacks with normal DD major plus on titans. Both great heroes but Gestalt I’d give the edge for the all around. They should pair up very well together EDD then DD.

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i have two torbens and just cant find a way to make him measure up as much as the others… despite my trying very hard to

regarding OP - hathor, hands down, for all the same reasons others said

if you said roughian and nurgib on your list i would never reply bc i dont want to fight yous in a raid


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