Boss Wolf weak?

Jus curious what other people’s opinion is but to me he looked kind if o.p. before the relase, but I think they went way to far for release and now he is too weak. If you are going to have a very slow recharge you better really bring the pain when you go off. And 3 rounds of increased and decrease Mana when it’s going to take you like 5 turns with a decent board to even get your special off seems really bad to me. Am I the only one? If you are going to leave Boss Wolf as is give him just a slow recharge not very slow. Thoughts??

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As is, Wolf is nothing much more than a meat sheild. Not worth the mats. Hopefully will be buffed in the next update.


Furry Boril is weak and being purple doesn’t help. Yellow heroes have a lot of ways to deal with (very) slow purples.


Not to mention his reposte is going to do weak damage because his defense stat is so high rhat is if he ever lives long enough to fire

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Apparently him in his “original” form was being paired with Guin to devastating effect in Beta. They had to adjust him downwards, but I think you’re right - they went a bit too far.


Agree Boss special is ridiculous for a 5* of the event. OK that’s the wolf of redhood but he has really to go to hide if he is compared to Elena special effetcs and hers is just slow. Leonidas was treated well in comparison.

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Red Hood and Hansel are really the only two who looked decent. The others seem kind of average… I’m sure they made tons of money this weekend, and really for what? Average heroes?


If the problem was Guinevere and Boss Wolf together then why didn’t the just nerf Guine? She’s a real pain…


Agreed they nerfed Zeline a while ago and Guin is way more o.p. than her.

Shame that’s the only event hero I got. Maybe they consider nerfing Gwen a bit? Not everyone has her and easily the most imbalanced hero in this game.

I got Boss Wolf and Gretel, okay I guess, but BW was not as good as I expected. Haven’t used him yet but based on his card he was nerfed way too much. I think Boss Wolf should get a buff in the next update, and maybe they could nerf Guine, just a little…

The “nerf” to Guinevere is called doubling purple (better if with dispelling ones: Sabina, Domitia, G. Panther. No, Tyrum. Not you…).

They have tuned down Boss Wolf before release also to not nerf Guinevere (again) and also because nerfing a hero that is the wet dream of almost every PvPer is worse than empower a underperforming hero later.

They didn’t need to nerf him based on a corner case like Guin & Wolf which is typically only in the tippity top of the food chain. They can figure out the strategy over time.

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True but they nerfed Zeline months after her realse too. I am just saying Boss Wolf needs a fix, not sure what was making him a Guin so unstoppable, but he is a super weak hero now. Chao, Li Xiu, Justice, Hu Tao and Joon are just going to eat him alive with his very slow recharge. A simple fix is just to make him a slow recharge and leave his special as is, but a very slow recharge really just makes him useless especially against yellows who have miss chance and Mana steal. I just don’t want to waste mats on a hero that they may never fix… It’s pretty sad when you get a 5 star and your even debating on if you should waste your mats to upgrade them. Quintus and Thorne are other prime examples of this…

I know they nerfed Zeline but the only thing that Zeline had suffered were a little dmg% reduction, not her dispel or attack debuff, resulting on a still playable (a bit weaker) Zeline.

Nerfing Guinevere survivability (every aspect of his special increase survivability) would only make Ares the best again, with no room for players other that the older ones to have the best tank.

I know very well that Yellow heroes have easy times VS Boss Wolf, as I mentioned on this very thread (Yellows have a lot of mana reduction heroes, very effective against slower specials), but a buff to Boss Wolf (wich I’m not against) shouldn’t be asked with a Guinevere’s nerf “into the package”.

Maybe buffs will come but also making his mana regen dispellable on nearby heroes, to prevent synergy with Guinevere and prevent defensive teams to perma-mana drain like event’s Guinevere once were doing.

Is the synergy really that strong? In theory it doesn’t look this devastating. Are there any vids of this anywhere?

I didn’t see vids, but I can imagine the original -54% mana gen to all from Boss Wolf coupled with the -XX% mana drain from Guin would pretty effectively cripple an opponent’s mana generation into not being able to fire a special for a whole match.

Throw in Lancelot’s mana gen boost and a high level mana troop and…

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Pretty much what @Jalia said :point_up:

But they already cut his Mana related things in half, so why did they take away the defense buff for all allies as well. Either make him just a slow recharge or give back his defense buff, but as he is now he is too weak for anyone to take seriously as a threat or to consider leveling

Even I think that he deserve a buff, you don’t have to persuade me, I’m against compromising nerf to make it viable.