Boss Wolf weak?

:slight_smile: let’s just hope the devs agree with our suggestions

So what happens when you put boss as tank and 4 holys? ^^

I can only guess… Id attack with Boldtusk, (a hero based of defense), Sabina, Tiburtus and Merlin. Merlin hardcounter slower heroes and triple purple eat alive 4/5 of his team.

Not a great choice…

Yeah, especially if those 4 holys are like 2x Deli, Wu and Gretel OR Deli, Jackal, Wu and Leo

Anyhow, I do think Very Slow is an overkill for Boss. I was so excited I got him and was like - whaat? Too slow to fire off and Mana +/- ? This should have been defense +/- not mana.

About the supposed Wolf Boss & Guin liason problem, I think that as he is a purple they could simply state: “Special bonus have no effect on holy/yellow heroes” problem solved and Boss can have a special worth a 5*. As he is now it seems a weaker version of Cyprian, as the mana boost/penality is really low (and the latter dispellable) and the effect lasts just 3 turns.

The problem part of his special is appereantly the mana slow (in Boss+Guin combo). So his special not affectin Guin would not be that good of an problem solver.(correct me if I’m wrong, I do not have first hand experience on this)

Of course I too don’t know how the Boss Wolf was in beta. But I feel also important his mana regeneration increase if placed near Guin could help her to shot also faster. They (if even will be done a change and not let him to rot among the ascension unworth heroes) could increase his mana regeneration power but not the mana decrease one, and so excluding yellow heroes could have sense (not speaking of Guin alone, also Li Xiu could get some good advantage of it).

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Does anyone have his card from beta (before the nerf) ?

Ya if the problem was the Mana steal, but they cut the power in half before release, so why did they also take his defense boost away? Either give him his defense boost back or just leave him as is but give him slow not very slow Mana Regen either of those will make him at least decent am I right guys?

Got Boss in event. Very very week… Really. I put Boldstuk, Tibi or Cyprian up to case in my defense team in the middle, all 4* and all of them are better then 5* Boss wolf.

So he’s all huff and puff now, is he? Seems on par.

We’re talking an overestimated pack animal here that scares the crap out of kids and baby animals alike, but however has a tendency to end up drowning with a belly filled with rocks. What did you expect?!?!

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

If you go by that logic then why is the most powerful hero of the event the little girl that the/a wolf tricked and ate. And then she had to be saved by the woodcutter?

I am just saying it would have been nice to get a decent tank out of him but in his current form they neutured the poor guy before they released him into the wild :frowning:

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If you go by any logic:

  1. 5* hero must be better than 4*.
  2. If we are talking about new, brought in heroes, they must be at least not weaker than the others you already have. Sartan, Panther, Aeron, Sargasso. Who of them could be replaced by Wolf? Or who of them you could challenge with the wolf in your team? Nobody…

Boss wolf is like the fat dog that can’t run, you give it food, house, love but get nothing instead.


Made an account just to post on this thread! Boss Wolf was my first legendary and I was obviously excited to run him before I found these threads.

Do you know if the devs have ever responded to requests for a buff? Checking out all the threads makes it seem like like the forums are simply a place for players to vent before they get distracted by the next new thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the devs have put much more thought into balancing the game than we have, but I’d still like to know what the chances of him getting tweaked are.

They have tweaked hero’s in the past if there is a huge player dissatisfaction with that hero (Thorne for example) but that being said enough people need to discuss him getting fixed and he has to be very unpopular for them to consider it. So to answer your question maybe they will tweak him if enough people are dissatisfied with him, but there is no gaurntee when or if the fix will make him better enough to be decent. Note: they “fixed” Thorne a while ago by lowering his defense and increasing his attack and then damage on his special, but he is still a bad hero because all he does is damage, he does nothing to strengthen his team or weaken the enemy. And attack is his worst stat so his special being based solely on damage with a average recharge is just garbage. Take Lianna in comparison, she has a fast recharge, does more damage and has a better attack stat, Thorne’s splash damage isn’t even close to as good as her single target killer. The good thing is Wolf has ok abilities in my opinion so they are more likely to fix him by just making his special a slow recharge than to completely change Thorne. So it could happen a simple slow recharge would make him a decent character, so reach out to the devs with our concerns and something could happen :slight_smile: that’s my hope

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Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply! Definitely agree with what you said.

What’s the best way to reach out to devs? Is it safe to assume they’re not scouring these forums for advice :joy:

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I guarantee you they are reading this thread. Well, I can’t obviously do that, but they have a team on the forums and I am guessing they have seen this one.


They do actually look at the forums, but not sure how frequently or what there requirements are for reading these treads. There is a way to directly email the devs through the game setting menu, they don’t make it easy to find it but if you can I would email them directly how you think he should be fixed that way you know they have heard your voice and they will respond in a few days, probably with some generic answer but at least if you do that and stay active on the forums they will know people are displeased. I have already emailed them myself, but the more we have the better:). Definitely keep wolf and probably upgrade him to 3/70 if you have a lot of traps 2/60 if you don’t but I would hold off on final Ascension unless you have a lot of those materials. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Want to keep this active so the devs know we are serious about a change I looked through the top 50 or so raid teams a while ago and kept seeing the same hero’s.over and over again, I only saw one with wolf and they were somewhere in the low 40s so obviously he is not being widley used…

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