Boril or Sonya?

Hello! I’m hearing all these great things about Sonya here, so lately I’m thinking to put her on my main team. Right know I’m using Boril (19th talent) and he’s proven to be very useful in numerous occasions. I already have to snipers - Caedmon (far left) and Seshat (far right), Boril (tank) and Boldtusk on left flank and Wu Kong on right flank (planning to replace him with Joon once he’s fully maxed). So question is, do I need 3rd sniper and lose counter attacker and a really good tank that I like so much?

I would keep Boril, especially if he works well for you. Main reason is that you use Caedmon who has essentially the same thing as Sonya, so I particularly don’t see reason to double on dispel. That being said if you have mats for it you should still ascend Sonya and have her on bench for wars or any opportunity such as events where you can’t use green.


She’s already maxed plus 19 talents. Love her in wars and amblem quests. Fast mana too, yum! :slight_smile:

One more thing: she could be useful if you get her costume - she gets cleanse instead and you don’t have that on your team. But again, if Boril works for you, you should stick with him.

Thanks a lot @Nightmare2048 :slight_smile:

Boril is among the best as a 4* tank. I wouldn’t replace him.

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What do you mean by “main team”?

Do you mean your bread-and-butter rainbow team you bring to raids, events, and map questing or do you mean your primary raid defense team?

Both. To lazy to make different teams for defense and offense :slight_smile:

Alright then.

I think that the inherent question speaks more to a lack of experience and roster depth than anything else, which is an odd thing for me to hear myself say because I never approached Empires and Puzzles with the intent of getting to where I am now. But I digress.

Once upon a time, I too was at a stage where I’d approach every fight with a singular rainbow strike team that needed to be versatile and adaptable which is a laudable goal but kind of misses the forest for the trees. For better and for worse, Empires and Puzzles is a game that rewards deeper benches with a range of heroes that can fulfill different roles based on each particular need. You don’t bring the army to a naval fight; you don’t bring Seal Team 6 to a tank fight; you don’t send the CIA to shoot down an alien invasion fleet. To wit, and to toot my own horn a bit, I refer you to this post I’d done earlier today regarding the Masquerade Ball quest I’d been in:

The short version is that this is my mainline rainbow team built to prioritize durability over firepower:

And it struggled to finish stage 5 of 6 in a timely manner. It was a long, drawn out fight that I’d won but taken quite a while to do so.

By comparison, this was the team I’d crafted specifically to approach Stage 6 of the quest knowing the bosses and what they were capable of:

And it dismantled the bosses in under 2 minutes.

So ultimately it kind of depends on the situation, and really you’re neither “gaining” nor “losing” either Boril or Sonya. You have both and can use both depending on what the situation calls for. Boril excels in fights where the enemy raid defense and/or bosses are high on firepower but low on support and/or dispels. Sonya is more effective in fights where Boril’s passive “hit me!” approach doesn’t work. As an example, a defense team composed of Grimm-LittleJohn-Gormek-LiXiu-Tiburtus will get creamed by Boril, but a defense team composed of Sonya-Boldtusk-Cyprian-cMelendor-WuKong is going to give Boril a hard time.

So you have Sonya for one fight and Boril for the other.

Ultimately though they both have their roles, but how useful they will be depends on your development as a player and your options as well. Sonya will be more effective long-term since she’s the only non-Frida blue hero that dispels which becomes incredibly valuable when you start color-stacking offensive teams, and if you get her costume, that effect is compounded since she’s one of the few heroes that cleanses at all, let alone at fast speed or in blue. Boril is more effective in the short term and remains one of the best tanks in the game due to stats alone, but the longer you play, the more likely it is that you’ll outgrow him.

When I first started this game, my first 4* hero, my first 4* hero I ascended, and the key hero I depended on the most heavily was Cyprian who has the same skillset as Boril. Now Cyprian sits on the bench unused except for maybe 5th or 6th war flags if at all. Cyprian/Boril are more useful when you’re facing a huge power differential as you can turn that power differential against the defender/bosses, but as the power differential between players/stages starts to equalize, you’ll most likely prefer a more proactive approach. Sonya will serve you for longer, but Boril will have his day in the sun as he likely does now.

Unless you’re talking raid defense. There are few tanks that are better than Boril and practically none at the 4* tier. Boril will likely have a place as your raid defense tank for a very long time and may eventually be upstaged by someone truly exceptional like Richard or Ares or Guinevere or Ursena, but until that day comes, Boril has a home somewhere at least.

And that’s my two :gem::gem:s.


In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes, plus Sonya costume, I would stick with Boril for now.
Good luck


Agree…I hate battling against Boril…or for that matter any heroes with reflective skills …they’re aggravating…and in regards to another post I’ve lost more times using a very good rainbow team than one where it’s stacked in one colors favor… especially when those same colored heroes give undispellable aid to similar colors

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You just been Melendor or Caedmon or Sonya or Sabina to counter a reposte special. With those dispellers you need a very bad board to lose.

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Thanks everyone for your input. Boril is staying put.

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