Boril or Sonya for attack team?

  • Boril
  • Sonya

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My team now is Jean-Francois, Boril, Vivica, Joon and Seshat. I’m thinking of giving Sonya Boril’s spot and giving Boril’s talents to Vivica. What do you think?

Who are you attacking?


Both is great for attacking team.


In my honest opinion, both heroes are good. However, without knowing what the hero lineup is that you are attacking, I can’t vote on who is best to go into your attack team.
All I can say is if it’s for the Tank role, Boril with emblems would be the better of the two
Good luck

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I’m one of those lazy players that don’t change teams according to the enemy. I keep it same for all teams. I know this system is not popular. And I also know that Boril is powerfull tank and it’s gonna be hard to replace him. I was thinking putting Viv on tank. That way she charges quicker. I love her but sometimes her slow mana annoys the sht out of me, pardon my french :slight_smile:

Actually it is. Put Boril against multiattackers and Sonya against heavy buffers. To change a single hero according to the enemies also is manageable for the lazy…


Hehe, thanks Olmor :slight_smile:

for me, sonya useful for attacking.

for riposte hero, i like using cyprian. Boril still 1.1

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same with me…:smile::smile::smile:

i always use Triton+18 grimm+19 Sartana+1 Proteus+18 and cRigard+16 to raid another team with multiple color tank.

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I don’t know why @JonahTheBard, but this made me laugh…likely like a lunatic as the entire family came into the kitchen to investigate what was going on.


for me Reposite is for defense. That make my choice the Sonya twins especially when they have viking warpaint

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