Looking to replace my tank

Sonya’s been my tank for ages and now that she’s 4/70 +6, I’m looking to bump her to a B team so I can concentrate on someone new. Since I’m indecisive can y’all help me choose the best candidate to replace her with?

Here’s my current roster

Edit: missed the bottom half of my roster lol

Sabsy Kage Li Cyp Proto

Cyp or Proto could be replaced by Khio later on…

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Based on your roster pics, you don’t have anybody strong enough to replace her for the time being… on medium term, I think Boril might be the best candidate to replace her when maxed.

But my advice to you, is not related to your future tank, but to your current leveling of heroes. I would really leave those 5* waiting on the bench and focus on leveling a strong 4* team. Look around the forum a bit, read some on this matter. Leveling 5* heroes early on, is a common mistake players come to regret when they become stuck at 3/70 for a long long time due to the lake of ascension materials.
Boldtusk and Proteus would be my immediate priorities, if I was in your shoes.


Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Cyprian or Boril are your best possible tank candidates, imo.

Eventually Anzogh tank wouldn’t be a bad idea. But I’d recommend maxing more red 4*s (about 3 of them) before you focus on your red 5*s.

I’m going to echo some, level a 4* team. I have Cyprian maxed on my alt account as my tank. Love it. Boldtusk is also primo of the 4 stars in the tank position. Li Xiu will shine on a defense team with fast mana speed and mana cut. You’ve also got several heroes at different levels. Just level one rainbow team, then another, then another. You’ll be amazed how much better this game gets when you have multiple strong teams.

I used to have a system for leveling up my heroes but got a little off track and scatter brained. I’ll do some rearranging and level up the rest of my fours. Thanks for the advice!

Li Xiu is a mini guinevere with good def stats. I used her to hold me in diamond and I still use her while raiding. Prob your best option in your roster. Sonya would still be your A team until you develop your 5*

I’ve seen a few mixed opinions about her around here so that’s why I put her on the back burner. I’ll have to work on her next

You shouldn’t worry about your defence team - even the best one can be destroyed when the attacker gets a good board. Your yellow priority should be Wu Kong who will increase your titan scores and help you get more ascension mats.


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Once she’s done leveling Khiona is under-Rated as tank.

In your current position I would be concentrating on Hu Tao, Proteus, BT, Kiril and Jack O’hare to create a strong 4* team including with what you already have before continuing with your 5* s. Even Grimm is good and quite worthy but you need a healer that can be used when BT’s colour won’t work which is why I him frist in front of Grimm in the rainbow list above.