Which one should I ascend first?

Right now, I have Boldtusk, Colen and Wilbur at 3/60 but only have 4 hidden blades to use. Which one should I use it on?

What other healers do you have maxed already?

If you don’t have any yet, Boldtusk…

If you have maxed Kiril, Rigard, Melendor or Sabina already, then go Wilbur.

You’ll eventually want them both - it’s just a question of which you need most to begin with :+1:


I have maxed Rigard, Li Xiu, Gormek, Kiril and Buddy.

I will go with Wilbur then.


Wilbur wilbur and wilbur…he will change your game perception

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Echo this. IMO Wilbur is either the best (or tied for best with Proteus) 4* Hero.


Wilbur. Not even close.

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