Boldtusk fighter emblem advice

I’m curious which path to take, not sure if theres much difference. Can anyone help?

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I’m at the same crossroads as you are and will take the health-def pathway. Looks like we went the same way before that - I kinda regret ever choosing attack for him as his tile damage pretty much sucks anyways and I just want him alive as long as possible to boost the rest of the team.

All non attacker type heroes should focus on health and defense as a general rule.

Only choose attack if there are no other paths to connect you to either defense or health.


I’m prioritizing Defense first, and HP second.

That ends up looking like this:


It should be a defensive path by logic, but i don’t follow logic and my Boldtusk is a killer :face_with_monocle:

TilesDamageTilesDamageTilesDamage for all.



Fighters with Healing

Boldtusk, Delilah and Rudolph are the only Fighters that can revive, immediate use their special skill ( computer does this automatically on defense if full mana bar. Often full mana bar if Center on a defense team ) and gain health ( immediate heal, minions or both ) so not just a 1 HP revive.

A X*+15 fighter has a 1 in 123 chance of reviving 4 times in a row.

All of which are useful for a Center or flank on defense and using Revive or Miracle scrolls ( both Revive and Miracle scrolls still suck ) on rare and Class quests ( use emblems to get emblems and ascension items).

HP nodes

You definitely want HP to maximum the healing after revive. You could stop at X*+16, the last HP node.

Attack or Defense?

I have three rules of thumb ( see Notes ).

Boldtusk is both on my rainbow team and a healer for fighter quests ( use emblems to get emblems) so he gets DEF&HP.

This would also be true of Delilah and Rudolph.


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I like the ‘use emblems to get emblems’ logic. I’ve been hoarding my emblems this whole time, but you may have convinced me to finally part with them :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey dredging this one from the past. I have BT at +18. Should I do the +19 node (mana increase) or stay put at +18. Increasing his mana means that his special will be active before my other reds so may lose the attack increase

I did my original BT with maxed costume bonus to +19 opting for the mana bonus since I will be able to have my Wilbur supported by my level 25 mana troop, Mitsuko+20 supported by my level 11 mana troop and said BT supported by my level 5 mana troop. That way, I have all 3 fill their mana in 9 tiles.

It’s really up to you and your heroes and troops.

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Yeah it depends on your troops. I have one at +19 so I can use a very low level mana troop, and another at +18 who needs a L5 mana troop (both have costume bonus)

If your second mana troop is at level 5 assuming you have costume bonus then I probably wouldn’t bother

Yes, it depend on mana troop.
In my case, I have the costume, and I only have 2 mana troop, Level 5 and Level 16.
So I stop at +18, because it only need Mana level 5 to make it 9 tiles, but if I get another mana troop, then I would give BT to +19 node (mana), so that BT can use mana troop Level 1, and other mana for other red heroes. But I still plan to level mana troop to level 5 (because it is cheap and faster). So I think I stop BT at +18.

If you do not have costume yet. Then you need Mana troop level 17 + mana node. Or Mana troop level 23 without mana node.

Wow, great replies thanks. Yes I have costume but I’m only working on 1 set of troops. So it’s important to get other mana troops to 5 as well then? I will stop at 18 then

Yes, if you plan to stop at +18, to take advantage 9 tiles, you need Mana troop level 5.

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