On which talent path would you spend your emblems for Boldtusk?

As a healer BT would benefit from a HP increase, however he only heals 27%, so it wouldn’t make a big difference.
He also has an amazing 48% attack buff. Spending the emblems there would boost him, but it’s his lowest stat and as a healer/tank he should focus more on staying alive. On the other hand the fighter class benefits the most from an ATK increase.
Defense is his best stat, but is not affected by his special.

What do you think? Attack primarily and Def secondary?

Tom me: Atk > Def for everything but tanks or PvP healers.

If Boldtusk is your tank go with
Def > HP > Atk


My BT get all possibly +attack, many heroes can work as a tank. I love him on green titans and I wamt make him more dangerous for them.

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If you use BT on titans then upping his damage is actually worth considering, but for overall utility I would go with survivability. Although if you are taking him all the way he has a decent chance of reviving, so it is actually a more complex question than it first appears. In any battle a decent amount of the damage done is tile damage, and If any of the number crunchers have crunched those numbers, I’d like to see it :slight_smile:


I use my BT mainly for offensive raids and titans. Based on your answers I’d go ATK and DEF.

Is healing bonus worth it? If I understand correctly 2% bonus with 27% healing would just be 27,54%, so around 6-8 Hp for BT, whereas the %HP would do +8-9 Hp healing (27%x33HP) and raise the max HP.
Or am I missing something?

Boldtusk is not attacker so I will not focus on his attack.

His defense/hp ratio is high enough, keep in mind that def bonus is +18 while hp bonus is +36. In most heroes, adding def is better, but as Boldtusk def is already high, adding hp might be better.

I use this formula to determine which to boost, def or hp: (Def^1.3) x HP

In the Fighter talent tree, there are two times where you must chose between atk+def or atk+hp. Based on the above formula, the optimum survivability is achieved if you chose atk+def 1 time and chose atk+hp 1 time.

Btw, Health x bonus is always better than healing bonus.


I do not know if you use Boldtusk solo or color stacking.

Color stacking

I use Boldtusk for color stacking red.

For color stacking heroes you should always prioritize attack:


He’s benefit is his buff to the team above all else. You’ll find he’s squishy at the higher end of the game so if you want maximum utility out of him go with defense and HP.

You can always reassign emblems later when BT is of no longer use to you.

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I did fight, because he already hits. The way he was, he only healed, but didnt do any damage, now he fights too. Love him.

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