Boldtusk Talent Grid

For those who have emblems on Boldtusk, did you go the attack or defense route on him?

I go full defense/hp route.

There are 2 times I have to choose between defense and hp. As Boldtusk is already high on defense, I choose defense 1 time and then hp 1 time.

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This is what I did. Mostly went defense and health, but added one or two attacks just to give red gems a little boost for red stacks. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, defense track it is :slight_smile:


Titan Boldie with full attack path for comparison.


thanks for the comparison, wondering which path makes him the better hero looking at the two :thinking:

It depend on your play style.
For me i don’t factor tiles damage all that much, i need him for attack buff and healing.
Defense, health is my trail.
I have snipers to inflict damage.
He is my 1,2 punch with Tarlack, Wu on titans.
Same deal with Kiril.
Have fun.

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It depends
Def team - def>hp>atk build
Raids(if you not stacking red) - def>hp>atk
Raids(if you stacking red) - atk>def>hp
Green titans - atk>def>hp

I’m using him mainly for titans and mono red teams.


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