Really need help with next blue and lineup

Hey all! First time posting as I really could use some advice. The pictures below shows portion of my current roster and I’ve been lucky to get two scopes over the past couple days and need to decide on my next blue to ascend.

Prior to getting the scopes I made the decision to level up Marjana as I have over 800 rogue emblems (after I pull from Kylie) and I could raise her no issue. Then the next day I get two scopes and now I can ascend Alice if I want to. So, do I ascend Alice, Vela, or Magni with this current configuration? And how would I realign my defense team?

Also, which red to ascend next as I need one more ring to push the next one up?

I would go Vela, she’s awesome all around and won’t have to compete for emblems. She can swap in directly for Frida. Alice isn’t a bad choice either, shes a lil better wing but could flank if need be. You haven’t given emblems to Marjana yet so it’s not too late. Both are better on defense than Magni eventhough highly emblemed fighters are a major pita.
For red, I like Grazul. The heal and secondary effects are great for offensive attacks. Not much damage but she can change a raid or attack greatly. JF is great but he doesn’t play well with a lot of reds. Overwriting GM and Marj’s burns, and doesn’t benefit from Santa’s defense drop. Khagan is really ineffective. Elena can be powerful if you work around the slow mana and low defense. She’s awesome on titans if that’s a need. Finish Falcon ASAP for them as well.

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Thanks… had I gotten those scopes earlier I would have done Grazul before Marjana, and would be well on my way with Alice. I have Druid emblems to give to Vela as well so I may go Marjana for my rogue and Vela for Druid… but Alice just seems so cool :slight_smile: Ack! Decisions.

So in chatting with folks I think I’ve decided on Vela over Alice. Based on that where should I position her within my defense lineup? Replace Frida with her? Remove Lianna and go with a 2-2-1 blue-purple-red with her on the right wing? Too many choices!

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