Which blue should I do next?

I almost done with Chick Jr, and I do not know which is better to my roster.
Here is my blue:
Screenshot at Apr 21 20-35-22
2nd Magni? Thorne? or wait? currently 11 scopes. I still prefer to wait.
Miki is great in my 9-10* Titan.

3rd Kiril? but I think, I have already around 12xhealers, for may war, and June HOTM Raffael seems good alternative. 2nd Triton? 3rd Grimm? 3rd Sonya? or Capt D? or Agwe?
I already try couple of pull (14x) for Sonya costume, but not lucky enough :sweat_smile:

3rd Gato, 2nd Nordri?
:clipboard: Here is my complete roster view.

Need advices and opinion.
Thank you

Materials? Do you have enough to push all the way to max for a 5*?

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Here it is…
Screenshot at Apr 21 20-59-39

With all those blades and tomes I wouldn’t worry much about doing a second Magni. You’re right about not needing to rush Miki, I think he’s fine for 12*s at 3.70 and you can even work with him at 13’s with proper item usage.

I think doing another Triton might be the way to go for Epic if you are planning on going for it in Grimforest next month. Either him or another Grimm would certainly be better than another Kiril.

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Either Miki or Magni. At 3/70 Miki is okay for 9-10* titans but personally I use him a lot on Legendary Challenge Events and tough quests (read: anything with TP of 4600 - with Tavern of Legends this might be useful) and there having him maxed is essential. Second Magni sniper is not bad though. Or you can save scopes for Fenrir or something.

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