Blue for defence

So I have my defence planned out mostly from l-r

Poseidon - Grazul - Lady of the Lake - Blue - costume Sartana.

The rest of them are just about maxed ( using Kingston currently while waiting on LotL and emblemedDomitiawhile I do Sartana costume) just need to decide who to use as my blue I only have scopes for one.

Richard + costume for sturdier protection or Fenrir for keeping fast all the way across ( despite almost 2yrs playing the game is yet to give me a blue mana troop so cant benefit from the costume mana boost)

I’d go with wolf dude :sunglasses::+1:

Richard and Fenrir are both viable in that position, so I don’t think you can choose incorrectly. I’d look at what those heroes offer to you on OFFENSE as the determining factor.

That said, I’d go with Fenrir - he smashes tanks quickly, keeps himself up, and doesn’t need a blue mana troop to charge.

In my honest opinion, in your position, I would go with Fenrir as my first choice.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I would recommend Fenrir too, but Poseidon is the same class (fighter).
My priorities are not any defense teams, I level the heroes, which I like to use in offense, the ones I really play with, so go Fenrir.

Thanks for the opinions. I have really been enjoying Fenrir, he is at 3/62 currently and have him on my red 3-1-1 attack team currently with Anzogh, Sartana, Grazul and Lancelot.

The emblem thing has been a worry and is also why I am not going with Tyr instead of Grazul as I have +20 emblems on boril I can take off and put on her along with +19 to come off Boldtusk for Poseidon and +19 from kashrek to give sartana costume.

Whereas if I did go Rich I could take the +7 off Justice (who is currently in the blue spot) for him.

Will only be the second blue I max (other is Isarnia) and with how scarce scopes seem to be for me ( almost every 4* AM I seem to get is tabards or darts) so am probably thinking too much as by time Rich needs them I might have another 6 anyway…

Fenrir might be the better now but honestly Fenrir isn’t a great flank on defense b/c you can’t choose who he targets. He might do better at wing so that there is a higher chance of an attacker being below 50% hp when he fires. Fenrir is awesome offensively tho.

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I had been thinking with Poseidon hitting first there would be better chance of below 50% hero. As he will have the least of the emblems (if any to begin with) I was preferring cost sartana and Poseidon in the wings for more likely revive. Do you think would be better sartana in front of Fenrir?

I guess the other thing I need to consider is who is most useable at 3/70 which may be Fenrir due to the high finishing strike…

If Poseidon is left wing and Fenrir is right flank, most likely Fenrir will fire before Poseidon. I think I would put Fenrir on right wing, C.Sartana on left wing, and Poseidon on right flank. Usually most people put Poseidon on a wing position but I think Fenrir should go on a wing here. Between C.Sartana and Poseidon for flank/wing position, I would put Poseidon on flank to get his mana protection early. It probably doesn’t matter that much, since if an attacker is bringing a red stack against your defense, there aren’t really any red heroes who affect mana. But it might make a difference in war.

I just re-read your original post and realized you have Richard’s costume. In that case, I think it might actually be better to use Costume Richard if you have a lvl 5+ mana troop, especially if you want a blue hero flanking your green tank.

5* heroes positioning guide

This will help! Good luck! :wink: