Need some blue advice

I am almost done leveling Isarnia. Who should I work on next? I have 34 capes and 9 telescopes. Here’s my roster of leveled 4 & 5*s:

Blue – Maxed: Alasie, Isarnia, Kiril, Sonya, Grimm. Started: Boril (3-60), Triton (3-52), Perseus (1-19). 1-1: Aegir, Rumplestillskin, Richard, Agwe, Valeria

Red – Maxed: Gravemaker, Wilbur, G. Falcon, BT, Scarlett
Green – Maxed: Zeline, Alby, Hansel, Caedmon, Melendor
Purple – Maxed: Sartana, Rigard, Tiburtus, Sabina
Yellow – Maxed: Joon, Delilah, Wu, Gretel, Chao

I will be doing 3 10x pulls for the next event, and I plan on having 3 10x pulls saved for Atlantis.


I like rumplestiltsken even though I’ve seen negative opinions on him because you don’t have control of which ability goes off, but every ability is good so idk I’d use him. And triton is great, definitely recommend.

Aegir if you want a different tank where Gravy can move into a flanker slot. Perseus for offense/general all-purpose/color stack/war depth

Really? Have you ever fought against Aegir tank? It’s like slaughtering sleeping cattle. Definitely not a good idea.


Not every. One is OP, 2 are UP. The attack is exceptional, but healing is the worst in the game (for average mana), and attack/defence buff/reduction is very bad for average mana. Idea of random features is good, but with two UP features he is just a dead meat - like Aegir.

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Do Percy. Best of that bunch.
Next, Boril is a fantastic tank and if you 4/70 him you will have a lot more fun in events :slight_smile:
Triton is fun too.

  1. Perseus
  2. Boril
  3. Triton
  4. Rumplestiltskin
  5. Richard
  6. Valeria
  7. Agwe (terrible season 2 hero)
  8. King Arthur (edit: I know you do not have him, I’m making a point)
  9. Someone else
  10. ANYONE else
  11. Aegir

Richard, Perseus, and Agwe sound like good heroes for e.g. War. Otherwise there will be one exceptional 5* blue healer coming soon. So, I’d say: save the telescopes for him.

I’d work on Triton next, waiting on results from your December pulls. None of your blue 5* are on my list to ascend; King Arthur or Magni would clearly move to the top of my list if you happened to get them. Triton is a powerful blue sniper that will be an asset in wars or certain raids.

I sharply disagree with @DJQuixo about her ranking of Arthur. I have him, I use him. He’s a green-titan slaying machine, the only hero with the -ice debuff. His special shield has let him shrug off hits from Lianna in wars. He’s a priority if you get him.

[EDIT–corrected the involuntary gender reassignment]



I would always ascend King Arthur. the low ranking was just due to the fact that the OP doesn’t have him on the roster.

Btw-- I’m not a his, I’m a her :smiley:


I haven’t seen rumple in a while I forget his exact specifications I just remember thinking he looked pretty good. I’ll go find a picture of him and reassess

Rumple is a ‘Fun’ hero, but from those i know who have him, it’s not a regular member of their team.

Nope I still think he looks really good. All of his abilities are useful at any time. 37% heal with a cleanse, dope AOE with DOT, or a buff and debuff. Sometimes you’d prefer one over the other and yeah you can’t choose which one you want, but they’re all good abilities at average mana.

Probably the buff and debuff is the weakest one because other heroes do it better but 1 out of 3 isn’t bad. At least his third ability does something lol. Danzaburo just freezes himself.

These “random” heroes–currently Rumples and Danzaburo–are fun but unreliable. How do you build a team with Rumples in it? You can’t count on him in any role. I see these random heroes as okay either as a “let’s have some fun” or with a very slim roster.

Not 37, but 27%. Poor brother of Rigard with 42%

I must’ve found an image of him in beta before they nerfed him because the damage was 355% not 270% as well. Pic for reference

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Wow. Then I would like him! 37% versus 27% makes a huge difference.

As per 355% for damage, that would be a real killer and no wonder it was reduced. But the nerfed healing level is very, very bad for average mana.

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Yeah I take my recommendation back lol. I still like him, but I don’t like him for 6 scopes and a blade and tome

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I’m revising my advice. Triton and Perseus are probably the most ideal.

I was thinking Triton as well. Since I only have enough scopes for 1 5*, I’ll go with Triton unless I get lucky enough to pull King Arthur next week.

Thanks for all of the advice!

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