Your opinion please - which Blue for my Defence Team?

My defens team is Seshat, Puss in boots, Lady of the Lake, Poseidon and as tank Boril. What ice hero will fit in my team? Thanks

Richard, Athena, dressed Isarnia, Ariel, Frida, Misandra, Finley, Alice

Last 3 aren’t tanks imo, but you could rearrange your team tanked by Puss.

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Do you want an overall opinion of which blue would fit? Or are you looking for information on which blue in your roster will fit? If the later, please post some screenshots of what you have.

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I have only 2 Miki and all 4*ice classic hero :frowning:…

Miki could work as tank.

Posey Lakey Mik Puss Sesh

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I have read that Miki work for titans but dont perform in defence. I need to know who I chase for ice tank. Thx

If he casts, he will silence at least 2 for 4 infinitely long turns and dramatically boost your slashes.

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Richard, he is ice king

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Thx for your oppinion, Olmor

Bro, emblemed Richard, atk path only… My alliance use this tank, small how it is, but deadly. Richard is one of the best tanks in the game, due to his high defense, talent ability and that brutal debuff for 6 turns. I meet only 4200-4400 opponents in my wars and all of them barely can succeed half of my alliance points. Usually I do more than double. And this is not only thank to our attacks; our defenses with Richard +11, are deadly, like I said. (totodata Adriane, cred ca detin recordul in lume in razboaie, din moment ce am pierdut unul singur in 2019).

Good luck!


I have the costum for him… But he avoided me :flushed:

Richard rules!!! Arrrrrr…!

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Thx bro… I will try to catch him next atlantis… Thx again for your time :grinning:

My Miki can be a super tanker…

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