5* Blue Ascension Advice

Hello all,

I checked other topics regarding 5* blue ascension advice but could not find something similar to my situation. Can you please look at my maxed heroes and Blue 5* options and advice me who to give scopes to?

I am torn between Miki Raffaelle King Arthur and Fenrir.
Miki and Raff do what they do at 3/70 but wouldn’t mind them getting sturdier. Fenrir seems fun but i got Magni for sniping. King Arthur is good for titans.

We attack 10* titans. Not blue tanks for war.
I attack mono on war and raids. My mono blue team at the moment is Krill Magni Sonya Triton Grimm.

Here is the maxed roster and blue 5 star options. Many thanks in advance.

I would max either Miki or KA depending on the survavility of each one at 3.70 against 10* red titans.

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Fenrir is fun but situational. Good late in a battle, not so much in the early rounds. Miki is a Titan BEAST and is so useful in many other aspects of the game. Silencing target and nearby enemies is fantastic and very useful on boss stages everywhere. King Arthur is fantastic too, especially in a blue stack for the elemental defense down to opponent. Great for Titans. (Miki + King Arthur is even better). 5* healers are important but with Rafi’s speed, I’d rank him lower.

My personal ranking would be 1) Miki 2) King Arthur 3) Rafaelle 4) Fenrir but I could see #1 and #2 flipped as well.

Good luck!


I would focus King Arthur to 3.70 1st… because why use Nordri? :wink:

So, IMO locked red Titan team: Miki - Grimm - King Arthur
The rest: Jott, Kiril or and blue with strong stat attack.

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My order would be Miki - King Arthur - Fenrir.

Miki is the best at what he does…boosting attack AND he siliences the enemy.
King’s elemental down is a HUGE boost for titan hits and blue stacks.
Fenrir can single handedly kill 3 heroes in three turns if you can ghost tile blues.



I would max Miki first…so good everywhere in daily pve, titans, events etc. And then after that decide you’re next steps when you are close to the next ascension…had also always plans to level a) b) c) and then after some months a new hero came on the table and my thinking was changed. So focus on your first decision and then wait out. Great heroes by the way :slight_smile:

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Thanks to all. You guys cleared my mind. General consensus seems to be Miki. Thinking about it, i use him every day to attack titans.
Will get the 6th scope from PoV or somewhere else soon. Until i get it, i will level up King Arthur and when i get the scope, will ascend Miki. Thanks again.


I had to revive this topic.
I used the previous set of scopes for Miki and do not regret it a single bit.
I got 6 more scopes since then and a couple Glendas.
So to which hero should I give these scopes?

Raffaelle, King Arthur, Fenrir, Glenda.

None of them will be able to get emblems.

My defense team: Kage-Vanda-Telly-Magni-Poseidon.
I dont think any of the options could replace Magni there.
I attack Mono. Maxed Blues that I use in mono are: Magni+11, Miki, c.Kiril +14, 2nd kiril, Grimm +11, Sonya CB +10, Triton+14, Jott, mireveawe, Boril.

Any advice would be welcome.

Is your KA durable enough to bring him to your titan hits? If not i would give him the scopes, otherwise id give them to Fenrir that pairs well with Magni.

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We attack 10-11* right now. KA is dead in 1 slash by 11s most of the time.

Then you may have to use a mana pot to get KA’s skill off before he dies.

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I would do King Arthur next. That elemental defense down is a game changer on titans!

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I never levelled my King Arthur, but that’s because I already had Frida. So I can’t speak for him as such, but I can tell you the elemental defence down is Da Bomb. You’ll be wanting that alongside regular defence down such as Grimm, and optionally Jott for the tile enhancement. Then watch those red titans fizzle out.

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Thanks to all. I’ll go with the King. He will benefit the alliance more with the mythic titans coming up.

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Well, I am reviving this topic again.

Got a new six pack of telescopes.
Magni, Miki and K. Arthur maxed

Next options
Thorne w/costume,
Isarnia w/costume,
None can get emblems unfortunately. Maybe up to node 4-5 each.
I was leaning toward Raff. Great healing, cleanse and the best elemental link of HotM.
But I got Costumes for isarnia and Thorne recently and got a little bit confused. There are not many feedbacks about Thorne’s costume. But he becames practically fast speed with costume bonus and lvl 5 mana troop. Can have a 9-tile-kill-squad with Kiril+CB, Grimm+CB, Thorne+CB, Magni and either Triton or Sonya.

Isarnia is also an option with costume.
Any ideas?

for titan scores isarnia without costume would be your choice.

dont think about another sniper you have two decent damage dealers.

either Isarnia, Raffaelle or Glenda.

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