Blue 5* advice

For some reason, I’ve been really spoiled with blue 5*. From before, I only have Ariel maxed and I use her as tank in AW as we do blue tanks. Works quite good for my level. However, I’m closing in on getting enough telescopes to max my second 5* blue, but I don’t know which to choose.

Background info, my maxed blues are Ariel, Triton, Kiril, Sonya and soon Mireweave. 3/60 are Boril, Agwe (I know). Unfortunately, I have no Grimm yet.

My unleveled 5* are Vela, Fenris, Magni X2 and today I got Master Lepus and Thorne in a 10 pull.

I’ve been leaning towards Vela as she is a pain to face in raids. In addition, Triton is a decent sniper and when necessary I can put Lianna or Sartana in there. Finally, I don’t have a blue AOE.

At the same time, Fenris, Magni, and Lepus all seems to be great as well and those (especially Fenris) could perhaps work better for titans or am I wrong? Thorne seems to be the lowest prio from what I’ve heard.

I’d do Vela. Lepus maybe a close second but Vela is the better hero of the ones you listed


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Vela first.
Whatever you decide good luck


Thank you both. Then my gut feeling was right :slight_smile:

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Yes definitely Vela or Magni if you want that high damage from a 5 star sniper. All depends on your stle of gameplay, but congrats on the great pulls bud!!

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